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In 1979, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade founded automobile conglomerate CAOA. CAOA is the largest manufacturer and distributor of automobiles in not only Brazil, but in all of Latin America at this point. It began when Dr. Carlos, a physician and entrepreneur, received the Ford dealership of Campina Grande as compensation for a car which they had never delivered to him. By 1985, CAOA had grown immensely, and was the largest Ford Dealership in Brazil.

Once Brazil’s ban on imported cars had been lifted, CAOA began to import French cars from the company Renault and it topped the charts for import car sales. The partnership continued for a few more years before splitting, at which point Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade began moving towards his next endeavor: Importing Subaru automobiles. In 1998, CAOA became the exclusive importer of the Japanese vehicles. Within a year, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade had tripled Subaru sales in Brazil.

The following year, CAOA expanded to importing South Korean Hyundai cars. Under Dr. Carlos, the brand became the leader in imported cars in Brazil. CAOA’s relationship with Hyundai would go even further, with the opening of the first Hyundai assembly plant in Brazil. This manufacturing facility would earn Dr. Carlos the title of “Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry,” in IstoÉ Dinheiro. Numerous other accolades and awards would follow over the next decade due to CAOA’s massive success in automobile manufacturing and distributing.

In 2015, the company launched a new division: The Center for Research and Energy Efficiency (CPEE). The goal of the CPEE is to research and innovate in the automobile industry, making headway in researching new fuel alternatives and new models of cars and engines. The opening of the CPEE followed in the wake of the company receiving various awards praising and admiring CAOA for its model and business strategies, among other things.

In years since, CAOA has partnered with the Chinese company Chery to launch a totally Brazilian car manufacturer, CAOA Chery. Furthermore, CAOA has continued to show exceptional skill in sales, having sold over 1 million automobiles in Brazil.

Serge Belamant, the inventor of Blockchain technology in 1989, at an early age gained knowledge in applied mathematics and computer science. While at the University of Witwatersrand, he learned the basic knowledge of computer programming, encryption, and decryption know-how. He also learned information system operations through UNISA while at the University. Having sufficient expertize in the field, he worked at IBM using small to medium sized computers in software analysis. The analysis program proved useful in drought predictions through checking the optimum levels of RSA dam.

Serge Belamant growth in the field pushed him to develop other products through digital mapping, statistical methods, and in the financial sectors. In the early 1980’s to 1990’s, he started working towards an economic program using his software skills. Serge Belamant started with the simplicity of developing gaming card which could store information through its input and output processes. Patented on November 16, 2007, the card was widely used in betting games and had the durability to heat and dust without losing information like most developed storages at the time.

An upgraded card later got developed which used the primary account number (PAN) to safeguard the information. Patented on November 15, 2007, it used an advanced encryption and decryption technology, which enabled the bank to map the digital string validating the account holder.

Approached by UEPS, Serge Belamant advanced the card to get used in the financial institution between the transactor and the transactee. Patented on July 1, 2014, through the Net 1 UEPS Technologies, Inc., the technology could not only be used on systems like the point of sale stations and ATM’s but also through the internet. With additional security features like biometric scanners and PIN system, the Blockchain technology was starting to take shape.

As the technology gained popularity, the company U.E.P.S financial institution realized the technology got undervalued even though they received some free cash flows. Creation of the same form of technology was then put in place and patented to get used in smart cards, Europay MasterCard Visa (EMV). The difference was that the cards acted as distributed ledgers which could store the information, all transactions, to later be uploaded to their systems whether offline or online. The encryption levels of the technology have also been advanced to safeguard the audit records better, only to be decrypted by the authorized banks in their centralized computers.

The Blockchain technology created by Serge Belamant is currently used globally due to its ability to keep a clear record in its use in devices like ATM’s, phones and POS devices which then get uploaded to a mainframe computer at Net1.

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A well-educated man Peter Briger received his B.A. from Princeton University and his M.B.A. from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

Since November 2006 Peter Briger has been a member of the Board of Directors of Fortress and he was elected as Co-Chairman in August 20009. Among his many other responsibilities includes being a member of the Management Committee of Fortress and at Fortress he is responsible for the Credit and Real Estate business.

Looking back to 1996 at this time Peter Briger was a partner at Goldman, Sachs & Co. where he worked for fifteen years. He serves on the board of Tipping Point which is a non-profit organization that serves low-income families in San Francisco, California. He is also a board member of Caliber Schools. This is a network of charter schools that are committed to preparing students so that they will be successful in competitive four-year colleges and able to look toward a winning future.

If you are looking to learn about investments it is wise to follow the steps of Peter Briger, who has made millions through the Fortress Investment Group. He knows how to make solid investments in the world of special asset investing. His specialty is distressed debt. The future continues to look bright for this businessman and he continues to find ways to profit from distressed debt especially in the financial sector. It is the only way to go as one opportunity ends another will quickly follow and you can be sure that this man will be right there leading the way to a profitable investment. It can all be done by having the right education, learning the business inside and out and continuing to go up the ladder and never looking back. So keep in mind both the name Fortress Investment Group and Peter Briger.SoftBank’s Big Fortress Takeover Is A Bet On Infrastructure, Senior Housing And Mortgages

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Scars are common occurrences after a cosmetic operation. While no one wants to have scars, people have to deal with them if they are to achieve the body shape and breast of their dreams. Having realized that scars are inevitable, it is upon surgeons to carry out surgery and close an incision with attention to detail. Even so, patients play an important role in ensuring that their scars remain cosmetically attractive. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar shares some great tips on taking care of scars.

  1. Avoid Direct Sunshine

The sun’s rays can cause scar discoloration and permanent skin damage. Even in small amounts, the rays can be unsafe. If you can’t stay indoors, ensure you cover the scar with a bandage or silicon strip to protect it from the sun.

  1. Be watchful of what you apply on the scar

Most commonly used skin applications cause harm to the skin. Hydrogen peroxide may delay healing, excess antibiotics may cause inflammation and allergic reactions that discolor scars.

  1. Silicone strips are the best option

Not only does a silicone strip protect the scar from direct sunshine, but also puts pressure on the incision, helping it to mature quicker. The silicone stimulates fibroblasts that in turn remodel the collagen around the scar, thus, making it less visible and thin.

About Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Dr. Jejurikar is a certified surgeon and an active member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He is an experienced cosmetic surgeon who specializes in cosmetic operations on the body, face, nose, and eyes.

Dr. Sameer has acquired extensive training and has developed a knack in the art of surgery, and he’s focused on offering help to patients who want to reach their goals. He is passionate, warm, and sensitive; perhaps the reason why he has mastery in cosmetic operations and an array of patients ready to vouch for him.


There are millions of freelancers out there that are searching for work on online platforms. One of the most popular platforms online that help in connecting freelancers with the clients is Upwork. It has millions of clients and freelancers, and if you want to build your career as a freelancer, then makes sure to register at Upwork today. The experts at Upwork posted a blog recently that discussed the importance of having a to-do list. Upwork is a company that believes that freelancers can make their career and gets a regular flow of work if they are organized and disciplined with their work.

In the blog post about the benefits of maintaining a to-do list, it was mentioned that freelancers should make it a habit of creating a to-do list at night. It would ensure that in the morning, there is no headache of creating a to-do list and wasting time. The bigger tasks should be divided into smaller tasks as it would help in giving you a sense of accomplishment upon finishing each task and would not burden you with the load of work. There are many digital applications that can be downloaded on your phone as well that would help you maintain a to-do list, and would also give you reminders about a deadline and pending tasks.

It has been seen that freelancers who create a to-do list are better at completing tasks on time in comparison to those who don’t. Freelancers who work for Upwork often get too much work that is difficult for them to handle. A to-do list allows them to complete them right on time and on the basis of projects that are paid more than others. Thus, to be successful at Upwork, one should ensure that they create a to-do list every night before going to bed.

In 2012, an app called Talkspace debuted its service of delivering therapeutic help online. Talkspace mission is to make therapy affordable and accessible to everyone. With the power of one’s fingertips, one can have access to conversing with a licensed therapist at any time. Similar to visiting a therapist face-to-face, conversations are held confidential between the client and the therapist. Talkspace seeks to eliminate the barriers that separate people who need help from seeking out a therapist. According to, around 75% of people in England with mental health problems may not have access to proper treatment. Also, according to, 1 and 5 Americans experiencing a mental health condition reported having an unmet need. Michael Phelps, who also experience anxiety and depression, recognizes the need for people with mental health issues to seek help, hence he teamed up with Talkspace.

When Michael Phelps was experiencing depression, he realized that he couldn’t handle it by himself and decided to seek out therapy. He regards the choice with helping him be alive here today. Therefore, Michael Phelps partnered with Talkspace to share how seeking therapy has helped save his life. This 28-time medalist world champion swimmer seeks to increase access to professional therapists so millions do not have to handle their difficulties alone.

Michael Phelps is not the only one who has confidence in Talkspace goal, but several others as well. As of today, Talkspace has raised a total of $59M in funding. They were recently funded $31M on September 7th, 2017 from venture fund Qumra Capital. Other investors were Norwest Venture Partners, Spark Capital, SoftBank, Compound Ventures and FirstTime. Talkspace plans on using the funding to boost the company’s growth and attract new clients.

Since the launch of Talkspace, they have provided an affordable and convenient method to access therapists for over 500,000 people in the United States. Related to its goal, 70% of Talkspace’s clients have previously sought out therapy. With this in mind, It seems that Talkspace is on the verge of accomplishing its goal in making therapy more accessible.

OSI Group is one of the biggest company in the world today. It operates food production and supply business. They deal with meant and proteins foods. The company is now the leading company in this industry. It is operating in 17 countries and has built 65 production plants to meet the needs of the industry. It is a company that has recorded immense growth in the past one century. Although the company was started in 1909, it is in the late decades of the 20th century that it managed to grow its influence in the other regions. Its headquarters are based in Aurora, Illinois.

The origin of this company is interesting. A German immigrant who migrated to the United States and settled in Chicago started a butcher shop within two years of coming into the U.S. the meat business expanded and became a wholesale business in two decades. He brought his two sons into the management of the company and even renamed it, Otto & Sons. After renaming the company, his two sons Harry and Arthur took over the management of the business. It was until the Second World War that the company grew to become one of the most important food companies in the region. Read this article at Gazette to know more.

The breakthrough of the meat business finally came in the form of OSI Group McDonalds. McDonald’s opened the first restaurant in Illinois. They hired Otto & Sons, now OSI Group as a supplier of hamburgers. This deal marked the beginning of unstoppable growth for the two companies. OSI Group McDonalds is a deal that has lasted ever since. Even today, they have maintained a close working relationship, with OSI supplying meat to McDonald’s in some parts of the world.

OSI Group McDonalds has done a great job and ensured that there is sufficient food production capacity in the world. Though each one is running an independent business, it is the partnership that has significantly contributed to the growth. OSI Group McDonalds has continue to dominate the food industry through production and supply of food products. The partnership is likely to last longer, and each of the companies has continued to improve their operations over the years. Check:

The Roc Nation, and former SC Enterprises organizations have been developed with a unique management structure known to those in the group as the Hova Circle of Influence. Each member of this inner circle around Jay-Z and his superstar wife, Beyonce has been hand chosen for their loyalty and belief in the couple when they were struggling to find early success. Almost every member of this inner circle was recently name-checked by the couple on their debut as The Carters, “Everything Is Love.”

A good example of the success following the Hova Circle of Influence is OG Juan Perez, a former studio employee who spent much of the 90s and 00s working alongside Jay-Z on his early breakthrough albums. Perez was so influential in his work as a producer and engineer the rapper even name-checked him on his “The Black Album” Perez was unable to work on. Both OG Juan and his wife, Roc Nation executive, Desiree Perez have been afforded the opportunity to work alongside Jay-Z on a number of ventures, including the Roc-A-Familia record label and the Roc Nation Sports brand.

Although the Latin-themed label was closed within a couple of years, the Roc Nation Sports brand continues to go from strength to strength under the leadership of Desiree and OG Juan Perez. The Hova Circle of Influence has been created to develop along the lines of a cooperative where the interests of the individual are encouraged to benefit the many. The success of OG Juan Perez was highlighted at his recent 50th birthday party which saw him pick up a bar bill of more than $90,000 and treat his colleagues to a meal costing over $10,000.

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Madison street capital recently named their newest member of the management team, Lawrence Alioto, poised to serve the managing director for its capital markets team. The international investment banking and corporate advisor added that Alioto’s role within the company will revolve around the technology sector. He is particularly expected to advise the firm’s clients in this industry on mergers and acquisitions as well as guide their corporate transactions.


While making the announcement, current Madison street capital CEO, Charles Botchway argued that the company’s decision to bring Alioto on board was informed by the increased demand from technology industry clients. He would also hail Alioto’s wealth of experience in the sector. Going forward, Charles mentioned that he foresees an increased number of technology companies and thus an ever increased need for Alioto’s specialized skills and experience.


Why Lawrence Alioto?


Having spent more than three decades working with different capital market players both locally and internationally, Lawrence Alito has accumulated a wealth of experience about the capital markets. This makes him the perfect candidate to fill up the post. The new director started his career as a futures and currency traders on the floor of the Chicago mercantile exchange before joining San Francisco’s PaineWebber as their registered representative.


Alioto would later serve with different other capital markets and technology industry outfits throughout his career. He would, however, get the much-needed career boos in 2004 when he joined other partners to start VeriTainer Corporation that developed anti-terror scanning systems for maritime containers. His contributions here saw him become the corporation’s president before his exit in 2013. Since then, Alioto has dedicated most of his time towards helping technology companies across the country source for finances and reshape their development agendas.


More about Madison street capital


Madison street capital specializes in offering corporate financial advisory to different companies across multiple industries. One of their specialist niches includes business valuation, mergers, and acquisitions as well as financial opinions. Madison services also come in handy for companies seeking capital raises or management restructures.


According to Madison streets management, the dedication, integrity, and commitment exhibited by its staff in handling their client’s business deals remain their key selling point. This reputation has seen the Chicago based company expand operations to the cover a large part of North America before extending to North Africa and Asia. Their most recent expansion strategy saw the corporate adviser open up offices in the rapidly growing and business-friendly city of Austin.


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Bernard Chia is the businessman who formed Organo Gold in 2008. He operates together with his partner, Shane Morand, who supervises the firm’s straight selling initiatives. The firm functions with a scientific advisory board in which Dr. Li offers specialized knowledge in the production sector. He monitors the facility and certifies the organic components of the coffee. Personal distributors buy goods from the firm’s wholesale to gain some benefits. Through their hard work, they sell the goods and receive a 50% commission on what they have sold.

Organo Gold utilizes multilevel marketing through which people endorse and sell the firm’s goods on a continuous process. The suppliers, sales team and the firm share gains as a segment of the domino effect procedure. Bernard’s goods mixture gourmet coffee with Ganoderma, which is an Asian herb. This is what has made the firm outstanding due to the herb which contains a variety of health benefits such as assisting in controlling cholesterol and has antiviral features. Furthermore, it helps in weight loss, increasing energy levels, can prevent cancer, preventing diseases that come from excessive alcoholism, supports the immune system, and reduces stress. The firm also produces Ganoderma products other than coffee such as Ganoderma supplements, Ganoderma blended hot chocolate, and tea.


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Great news! ORGANO™ Gourmet Black Coffee was featured at Women’s Health Magazine for October 2018! #TasteTheGold #WeAreOrgano

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Organo Gold firm’s 2010 revenues were approximated to be $35 million globally, according to research findings. Coffee is preferred as a social drink that has resulted to be the core menu element of multiple coffee retail outlets. It is a beverage that is interesting to many, especially in the morning as they prepare to start their day. Organo Gold provides a variety of products extending from individual care Nutraceuticals to coffees. The firm functions with over 45 different nations across the world. The firm’s coffee products are also economical, making it easy for the customers to purchase.

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