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New cutting-edge technology is finally reaching real-world applications. WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) is creating a per-to-per marketplace built on blockchain technology. Their marketplace will allow for gamers to trade their virtual assets, in game without the risk of fraud or fragmentation.

WAX’s platform will allow users around the world to trade their digital assets for WAX Tokens. Malcolm CasSelle president of WAX said, “The Gaming industry will ignite the world of cryptocurrency to the mainstream.” Blockchain technology offers the solution to digital fraud in the form of smart contracts. WAX plans to position itself in the center of this emerging technology by placing itself at the heart of the gaming industry.

Malcolm CasSelle is not new to the tech community. He received his bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from MIT and obtained his master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford. Alongside being President of WAX, he is also the Chief Information Officer of OPSkins. Back in 1995 he co-founded NetNoir and worked as CTO.

Malcolm CasSelle and his team at WAX have been able to create in their own words, “. . . a decentralized platform that enables anyone to operate a fully functioning virtual marketplace with zero investment in security, infrastructure, or payment processing.” He and his team believe in the future of smart contracts. WAX’s CEO William Quigley said, “WAX is the onramp for mass market cryptocurrency adoption.”

With over 20 years of success in the tech field Malcolm CasSelle has a vision of where he thinks the future lies, and that future appears to be in blockchain technologies. WAX is betting on their ability to offer smart contracts that will disrupt the current digital assets market and offer a superior experience for the end users.

Micah Springut CEO of Groupon had this to say about Malcolm CasSelle. “Whether its natural talent or a factor of his deep experience running companies in multiple industries, Malcolm is one of those leaders everyone tries to emulate.” It looks like Malcolm’s talent and experience is taking him and WAX into the future.

Surf Air, a private air travel club founded in 2013, recently celebrated its fifth birthday. As of roughly one month ago – on July 10, 2018 – Surf Air announced that its members would receive valuable benefits in commemoration of its wooden anniversary.

In July, Surf Air started a partnership with All Roads North, a luxury road travel company with a business model similar to Surf Air – the primary difference is that All Roads North travels on the ground, whereas Surf Air doesn’t.

Surf Air Experiences, a new offshoot of Surf Air, now offers luxury road trips that are coordinated with customers’ needs.

Further, Surf Air has also hopped on board with The Private Suite LAX, a terminal at Los Angeles’ Los Angeles International Airport – better known as LAX – that cuts out lines, screaming kids, countless sick people, and other commonalities that commercial flying brings along with it.

What is Surf Air, and what makes it special?

Tens of thousands of people fly each and every day throughout the United States – many more fly all over planet Earth. Everybody who’s ever flown commercially knows the pains of waiting, waiting, and waiting some more; being cramped in tiny seats with dozens of other people – no telling how many of them are sick; standing in line to have TSA agents frisk you like you’re a prisoner – the list of bad things related to flying commercially goes on, and on, and on.

Surf Air is a private flying club that cuts out all the inconveniences of flying commercially. Memberships start at $1,950 per month. While Surf Air is more expensive than flying commercially, the club saves up to two hours per flight. Surf Air operates throughout California, Texas, and Europe.

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According to the information found on the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Static that talk about the economy of Brazil, there is the growth of the economy in the quarter of the year 2018. The growth increased by 0.4% as compared to the quarter of the year 2017. When you compare the first quarter of 2017 to that of this year, you will realize that there is an increase of 1.2%. It is agriculture that draws these numbers. Nevertheless, if you manage to analyze this sector without including others, you will realize that at the start of this year things were not good like they were at the start of the earlier year, 2018. Read more about Flavio at

The person who emphasizes a lot on the subject is Flavio Maluf who serves as an executive as well as the president of the firms Eucatex, the impresario. Folha de S.Paulo said on the press that from January to March the Gross Domestic Product of livestock and also agriculture went down by 2.6%. On the report of Flavio Maluf, in May there was a strike that was formed by the truck drivers which was so intense such that it lasted from around ten days, this strike affected the sector of agriculture terribly.

Some of the plants that are grown in Center-South that are usually harvested in April, grew at a slow rate and their production even stopped during the period. According to the report given by Folha, 19% of sugarcane starts to be harvested from April to June, in that period the share of the maize is able to reach 33%. Lack of product circulation had an enormous impact on the production of feeds and as well, the producers and trading, this resulted to the disruption of the protein production. The strike of the drivers of the trucks made the circulation of corn to stop.

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Venture Beat recently published an article by Stephen Kraus titled, “CVS and Amazon Battle to Own the Health Care Consumer”. The article reveals the recent ploy of CVS to purchase Aetna, a health insurance titan. It also reveals that Amazon lately obtained pharmaceutical licenses in a variety of different states across the U.S. The license focuses on healthcare equipment, not necessarily the ability to distribute medications, but that is the direction that Amazon is moving towards.

Many investors believe this indicates that Amazon is attempting to expand their retail market after buying Whole Foods, and move into the pharmaceutical sales market. This is forcing others in the space like pharmacy benefit managers and CVS to step up their game against the Amazon competition threat.

These companies are seeking to expand their platform by offering pharmaceuticals. Amazon has become known as the store where the consumer can by anything, adding prescription medications would only expand on that idea. CVS is also a large healthcare and retail facility. Adding insurance, pharmaceuticals and care would create a more holistic approach to the health services already available at CVS.

By doing so, CVS would own pieces of the entire healthcare cycle. By providing insurance, to pharmaceuticals, to actual care through their MinuteClinic operations, CVS would gain a competitive edge against the retail giant Amazon. It is also a fast way to make healthcare more consumer oriented. It would bring the different variables of healthcare under a single company, creating a customer centric experience, echoing Amazon’s own customer centric buying experience. By making the technology and services focused on the consumer, each patient can have greater control over their decisions.

Drew Madden has worked in Healthcare Information and Technology since 2010. He worked for Nordic Consulting Partners and was promoted to president from 2011-2016. It is a large Epic consulting company that has won a variety of awards for excellence. It is also the top ranking company for Epic integration.

As president, Drew Madden helped grow Nordic Consulting from a small 10 person firm to more than 725 employees with more than 150 clients. Under his leadership, it grew from one million in annual revenue to $130 million.

José Auriemo Neto is the CEO of the largest real estate investment companies in Brazil known as JHSF. This company deals with the development of commercial and residential houses. It is actually the number one company in the country to engage in the development of malls. JHSF has started as a big construction company in the 1970s, but over time, it grew into one of the top companies in the world. It has been developing hotels and restaurants, shopping complexes and even private airports.

Some of the landmark real estate projects it has done include Cidade Jardim shopping complex in São Paulo. This was the first shopping complex in the country. It was constructed in 2001 and incorporated even subway. It made it easier for customers to get a means of transport back home after shopping in the mall. This was just the beginning of the company large projects. Other projects have been coming up over the years. Others include Ponta Negra shopping center in Manaus, Metrô Tucuruv and the Bela Vista in Salvador.

The development of JHSF has everything to do with the leadership of the company. The person behind the recent developments in the company is the Chair and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF, José Auriemo Neto. Under his leadership, the company has made milestones in changing the country’s real estate landscape.

José Auriemo Neto has also taken the company in the retail sector path. They have been partnering with top brands in the world to open up shops in the malls they have built. This is one of the best ways of ensuring that the malls are always full of business activities.

José Auriemo Neto joined the firm in the 1990s after he graduated from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) University in São Paulo. When he joined JHSF, he came up with the idea of the parking lot management company which he called Parkbem.

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Tony Petrello is one of the people who is doing a commendable job of maintaining the United States as a top economic innovations hub. With the leadership which he has displayed working for Nabors Industries, an oil and gas drilling company known as Nabors Industries, he has proven that American companies still have the top position in the global space. Nabors Industries was in the last two decades just a normal drilling company, but with the entry of Petrello in the management of the company, everything changed. He has been doing everything possible to ensure that the company records the biggest returns every year.

Nabors Industries is currently the top company in the world, and it is still in the process of growing drilling operations further. One of the best things that he has been doing is to facilitate the company to acquire other companies which can contribute to the growth of the company. He has also been entering into agreements with other companies for combined efforts in growing the operations. Overall, his performance in two decades is remarkable. He has done what others would never manage to do in their lifetime career. The best thing is that he has accomplished all this without training in business management. He has never stepped foot in a business class, but he has managed to beat the well-educated business managers. Tony Petrello is educated but he attended holds a mathematics degree and another law degree from Harvard School of Law.

The fact that he has never stepped into a class for business studies has not stopped him from accomplishing success. He demonstrates that even without the skills and experience you can still make it in business as long as you have the drive and the commitment to accomplish what you have. Tony Petrello is not even an expert in the drilling industry, but still, he has managed the company in the right manner.

Tony Petrello is an inspiration to many young people that they can do it without looking at their background. Passion and hard work will take them places. His dreams have turned into reality by following the right channels in order to make it in life.

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Countdown is the name of a research project for the four African countries of Ghana, Cameroon, Liberia and Nigeria. The collaborating partner for the program in Nigeria is Sightsavers. They have partnered with the Federal Ministry of Health and the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine. The project was established to find a cost effective approach to control and eliminate seven of the tropical diseases most commonly neglected by the year 2020.


An analysis in Nigeria revealed better communication with the communities is required to administer the NTD medications on a mass scale. This would sustain the current gains while making new gains. Sightsavers has supported the program to provide experience and practical knowledge for the program managers, implementers and communities. This information will be used to find solutions and evaluate and implement all changes.


During the past year, Sightsavers has helped the research teams map gathering points and key landmarks from the perspectives of the community leaders, men and older and young women. The team has additionally run trials including handing out materials such as flipcharts and posters to the members of the sensitise community regarding the NTD programs. Feedback sessions have been run along with mock training cascades. This is where each group receives training on mass administration and trains the next group. Sightsavers and the program implementers are reflecting on ways to create and implement solutions for the project.


The defining principle of the project is participation. The researchers comprise a variety of disciplines along with stakeholders, children and women from the community. The methods used for research are participatory, defined and reliant on the participating individuals. Sightsavers has made certain the program will be carried out equitably instead of by only a few people. This has led to a better ownership of the decisions made during the course of the program. Information has been gathered and analyzed and changes made were based on experience and practical knowledge. This is referred to as a PAR or participatory action research cycle.


This approach will provide Nigeria with a plan to engage the community and help plan the NTD program. This will also strengthen the processes and skills of the implementers and planners. Any imbalance in power between the donors and program implementers is being addressed. This enables modifications to be made for the delivery of the program with the understanding and knowledge of the program implementers serving as the base.

Mr. Eric Paul Lefkofsky’s Philanthropic Works

Eric Paul Lefkofsky was born on September 2, 1969. Today he is ranked among the American billionaires. Mr. Eric is the co-founder and the Chief Executive Officer of Tempus, a technology company that deals with the collection and analysis of large volumes of molecular as well as clinical data. He also cofounds Groupon, a worldwide e-commerce business that connects its subscribers with merchants through offering travel, activities as well as products and services in 15 nations. He also founded Echo Global Logistics, Mediaocean, a 2012 founded advertising and software firm that is headquartered in New York City, InnerWorkings Company, and Lightbank, a financial institution that makes venture capital investments in the disruptive technology firms across the US.

As a famous entrepreneur, Mr. Eric is also a devoted philanthropist. Mr. Eric Lefkofsky in 2016 founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which is a private charitable foundation. He started this foundation together with his wife Liz, for purposes of advancing high impact initiatives. These initiatives are geared on enhancing the lives of the community which the foundation serves. At the foundation, Mr. Eric is the trustee of Chicago’s Lurie Children’s Hospital. He also serves as the trustee of the Museum of Science and Industry, the Art Institute of Chicago, as well as World Business Chicago. He sits at the Board of Trustees of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company serving as the chairman.

He and his wife Liz are focused on supporting young children as well as giving charter schools, the after-school, and scholarship programs for youths who are disadvantaged. He supports organization focused on implementing tools for teachers and administrators. An example of such an organization is the New Leaders and Educators for Excellence.

At the Chicago University, he is an adjunct professor and in charge of Accelerated Disruption. He studied in the University of Michigan where he got his Juris Doctor at the institution’s Law School.

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Contactless Payments

With regards to the British Retail Consortium, the majority of payments are made through the use of credit cards. The recent innovation of PSI-pay is expected to increase the use of cashless payments in the market. Two famous companies that champion the innovation of cashless payments recently combined to come up with the first contactless payment ring in the international market.

With such innovations, the burden of carrying money and inputting pins will significantly reduce. Contactless payment methods are the fastest to use since you make payments with only a device in your hand. It is most suitable in the UK given the significant increase in the number of stores and warehouses.

For the first time in history, the use of coins and notes as a method of payment have been overtaken by cards in the UK. The revolution of contactless payments is said to impact the market by eliminating the traditional form of making payments. Contactless payment is mostly described as the ‘wave and pay method’ which has been in the market for more than ten years accounting for one-third of the payments methods made in the UK.

The Church of England is among the first institutions to endorse contactless payments by installing electronic collection terminals in 40 of their branches. PSI-pay suggests that this could be the beginning of the elimination of cash payment.

Contactless payments entail the use of credit, debit, and smart cards as a form of payment for goods and services. PSI-pay is a company that offers such services. On the other hand, Kerv is an affiliate of PSI-Pay that provides contactless payment services through the use of a proprietary ring. Kerv rings are designed to offer comfortability and are durable. Additionally, they come in different sizes, made to withstand water damages, and are fashioned for both genders.

Contactless rings are secured by the use of RFID technology. For consumers to make payments, they only need to tap their rings or cards at electronic collection terminals. The transactions that can be processed through the use of the contactless technology are limited to protect consumers from unauthorized transactions. Additionally, the system does not require a password or pin.

PSI-pay is currently the leading company as a contactless payments service provider. The firm is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Ricardo Tosto’s Talk about Law

The law 13,254 is a law in Brazil that allows technical exchange between lawyers in Brazil and those from other countries. According to Ricardo Tosto who is the founding partner of Leite, Tosto, and Barros, the partnership between local and foreign lawyers in a positive thing, that will help broaden the knowledge scope for Expert Brazilian lawyers. Some lawyers like Gil Vincente Gama have come out to agree with Tosto and point out that such a partnership can help open opportunities on both sides. However, the implementation of repatriation project was not easy as some would think. It underwent a series of processes before it finally got Congress approval. The income tax rate in the project at first stood at 17.5% and a fine still at the same rate.

However, the tax rates were high, and it needed some minor changes. Therefore, the income tax rate dropped to 15%, and the fine also stood at 15%. Ricardo Tosto is happy about this project implementation into law. He insists that there is a need for partnership between lawyers locally and internationally to create laws that coincide. It would also help greatly in apprehending individuals who hide their wealth abroad to evade taxation. According to the laws of Brazil, keeping your wealth hidden without the knowledge of Brazilian Tax authorities is a crime punishable by law and repatriation of resources can help solve the issue.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy, credit recovery, administrative law, civil law, election law, and commercial law. He is a graduate of Law from the University of Presbyterian Mackenzie. Before starting his law practice, he worked as an advisor in legal matters and the human Resource department Grupo Rede. His passion for the law makes him good at what he does. He has received several recognitions and has been nominated as one of the best lawyers in Brazil when it comes to commercial litigation. Brazilian Legal Publication and Legal 500 also recognized his practice. It has taken hard work, commitment, integrity, and discipline for Ricardo Tosto to be the lawyer that he is today.

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