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Recently, Securus Technologies published a number of customer comments regarding their technology solutions. For many years, Securus has focused on developing innovative technological products that enhance safety in correctional facilities. I believe that the overwhelming positive reactions from customers were a true reflection of the quality of Securus Technologies’ products.

Most of the customers talked of how call monitoring services had enabled them to solve numerous cases. One client explained how the product helped them to access information regarding an inmate’s alcohol use and drug selling activities at a correctional facility. Others talked about the relief that the LBS software had offered them. One satisfied client revealed how the software together with other resources helped the sheriff department to recover millions of dollars through drugs, cash money and illegal assets. Richard “Rick” Smith, the CEO of Securus Technology, said that they are committed to developing new products and services weekly to help the law enforcement in solving and preventing crime. He added that they were honored to protect and serve.

About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a leading Dallas-based company that provides technological solutions for inmate communications, investigation and monitoring. I believe that they offer world-class emergency response, public information, biometric analysis, information management, and incident management tools to make the world a safer place. The company was founded in 1986. Over the years, they have opened offices in Texas, Carrollton, Georgia and Atlanta. I think that Securus Technologies has a broad client base in Canada, Mexico, and the District of Columbia, and over 1,000,000 inmates across the world.

I contend that the success of the company is anchored on providing comprehensive and innovative solutions to their clients’ problems. In addition, the entity has a super-responsive customer care personnel. In July 2016, Securus Technologies announced that they had invested over $600 million in technologies, acquisitions and patents. Some of the renowned companies that were acquired by Securus technologies include Jpay, Guarded Exchange, JLG Technologies, CellBlox, Telerus and Primonics. Some of their leading products include Wireless Containment Solution and Securus’ Managed Access Solutions.


Desiree Perez is an excellent contract negotiator. She has been able to do a lot of great things for Roc Nation Sports, and Jay-Z has definitely benefited from what she has managed to bring to the table. She is someone who knows a lot about getting the best deals on contracts, and Jay-Z has been very impressed with her business mind-state. She has helped Rihanna negotiate strong contracts for Samsung, and Perez has even done quite a bit of negotiating in her own life. Jay-Z can appreciate someone like Desiree Perez when it comes to contract negotiations because he feels that they are cut from the same cloth.

With Roc Nation Sports there are a lot of athletes that are new and looking for someone to represent them. They are looking for a chance to make the most money with the contracts that they are trying to get, and Desiree Perez knows this. She is always taking time to look out for the athletes and make sure that they are living comfortably. She wants them to get the best contracts, and she wanted to help Jay-Z become a big deal for representing athletes with Roc Nation.

Perez has been able to thrive because she has put her time into actually building up a resume that is difficult to compete with. She has work in different industries and she even owns her own nightclub. She has negotiated contracts and engaged in different types of ideals down through the years. She has become someone that Jay-Z can depend on. This is what Desiree Perez represents. She is someone that is going to hold down the fort and make sure that everything is done in order. Desiree Perez is that woman that builds a lot of credibility for her skills as an entrepreneur.

Tony Petrello is in no doubt one most successful guys in the world. He has what it takes to be the next change. He has worked tirelessly for his success. For him, it has not been a walk in the park. He is just a great achiever. He remains to be the highly paid CEO across the US cities. He is a creative thinker, very hard working which is driven by passion and an innovative company CEO. He is also a renowned and a famous philanthropist. He has given back to the community whole heartedly. His most touching mercy work is catering and providing for the children suffering from neurological disorders. People have really admired his life and he is a great person worth to be emulated. You cannot talk of philanthropic people without forgetting his name. A company’s top CEO who has gone to the roots to help children with certain disorders.

Tony Petrello has worked for his success. He did not find success or wealth waiting for him. Tony was a go-getter. He grew up in New Jersey a town called Newark. He did not have the resources to attend private schools. He went to public schools like any child of a peasant. He did not feel the inferiority complex in him. Tony believed that the tools he had for success were more than enough for him. He was known for his expertise in handling mathematics related issues. His abilities were undisputable and exemptional. In fact Tony did not go looking for a University to join, he was noticed by the University of Yale and they offered him a scholarship. He got a chance to be mentored by greatest mathematician Mr. Serge Lang who was also a professor and a mathematician.

Tony Petrello received his bachelor’s degree from Yale and later continued until he graduated with masters. He was also a very humorous guy and people love him for his comedy. At Yale, that is where he got his wife by name Cynthia who later became an actress, dancer and also a producer of soap opera movies. Later after graduating with mathematics at Yale, he abandoned his mathematician dream and joined The Havard School of Law. He surprised so many people including his professors at the Universities. That is where after graduating, he decided to start looking for jobs. He worked in several organizations but later ended at Nabors Ltd. He executed his leadership skills at the company until he became the CEO and started earning a lot of income.

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Beneful commercials as a whole, have the same general theme. That theme is to relay information about their products in a relatable, light, and fun way. Most of the commercials in the past have been the owner of the pet giving reasons why they use Beneful, and the positive aspects it as on their pets. More recent commercials have been using the dogs in the commercial to talk and explain why they love Beneful so much. The dogs are kind of joking and making the commercial fun, and In some commercials, both dog and owner are talking and the dog makes it seem like the owner is more excited about the dog food than himself. The commercials are relatable like this is what your dog may be thinking. People treat their dogs like family and want to give them the best food they can find. On the Beneful website, you can find numerous videos made by the staff who talk about feeding their own dogs Beneful. These people work at Beneful and some are there through the whole process. They see how the food is made, and know whats in it. It can be very mind settling to be able to work closely with the food that you feed your own dog with. It gives you a piece of mind.

George Soros has made a name for himself within the wider and broader world for his work as both a political activist and a prolific philanthropist. George Soros has spent the better part of his life focused on bringing about positive change to the world. This has taken up the form of intense philanthropic work at the Open Society Foundations, his personal philanthropic arm, or his work within the political arena. Most recently George Soros returned to lead the charge against the election of Donald Trump, a feat that was important to many people around the world. George Soros knows as well as anyone the threat that an unhinged nationalist can bring to the world when in charge of a super powered country.

Before we leap too far into what Soros managed to accomplish during the 2016 Presidential Election you would be better served learning a little bit about his past. About George Soros he was born in Hungary and raised there until he was a teenager. In 1944 Nazi forces came to Hungary in order to occupy the land for roughly a year. During that year the Nazi forces would go on to kill 500,000 Hungarian born Jews for nothing more than being born the way that they were born. Soros saw people he knew and cared for killed or hauled off, never to be seen again, all in the name of Hitler’s violent rhetoric and nationalism. Soros and his family would eventually flee the country, helping many others along the way, before landing in London.

In London Soros would work two jobs in order to go to college, studying at the London School of Economics. During his period of time Soros would learn from the works of philosopher Karl Popper and his opinions on capitalism and the intrinsic threat of money driven politics. Soros would eventually graduate and emigrate to America where he would establish his glowing company, the Soros Hedge Fund. Decades later Soros would have enough money to start up his own charitable foundation, the Open Society Foundations.

The OSF focuses on funding grassroots activism and bringing aid to those who are in need all around the world.Now, back to the present and the 2016 election. George Soros saw what Donald Trump was doing in order to rile up voters with dangerous, violent, and hateful rhetoric and it called to mind what he experienced in 1944. Soros couldn’t sit idly by. So, George got back into politics by backing Hillary Clinton and the rest of the progressive party. He would pour $25 million into the campaigns, rallying other big Democratic spenders, in the process. Now, Soros stands in direct opposition of Donald Trump in order to temper the damage that Trump is actively doing to the country.

One of the overriding goals of the left in the United States has always been the reformation of the criminal justice system. Over the last 150 years, many different approaches have been tried in an effort to reduce the number of minorities who are incarcerated in the United States. Most of these have been abject failures, with blacks in the United States now incarcerated at rates approaching 10 times that of their white counterparts.One of the biggest names in progressive politics is that of George Soros. Soros has made a name for himself as one of the most effective agents for change for progressive causes of the last 30 years, worldwide. Through his famous philanthropic organization, The Open Society Foundations, Soros has managed to nearly single-handedly topple governments throughout the ex-Soviet bloc as well as changing the outcome of elections across the United States. There’s little question that Soros has been one of the most prolific and steadfast opponents of closed societies.

Recently, Soros has begun following a new strategy to change the U.S. criminal justice system, from the bottom up. This involves replacement of hardline, conservative prosecutors, judges and sheriffs with more progressive candidates. He has been following this strategy throughout the southern United States, where he has enjoyed a great deal of success so far.One example of this strategy bearing fruit was in the case of novice political candidate Aramis Ayala. Ayala had worked as a public defender in the Orange County district attorney’s office for the better part of a decade. But she grew tired of seeing the same types of prejudices pervading the system, day after day. She decided that she would run as the first female black candidate for a prosecutorial position in the state of Florida’s history. But the problem was that she had hardly any resources with which to carry out her campaign.

Through his organization, The Open Society Foundations, Soros quickly infused the Ayala campaign with over $1 million. This allowed Ayala to run almost non-stop television advertisements and avail herself of social media marketing as well. The strategy proved to be effective. In an unexpected landslide victory, she unseated her long time incumbent opponent, Jeff Ashton. The latter had been a hard line conservative who had overseen an unfortunate reign of placing vastly disproportionate numbers of minorities behind bars. Ayala had vowed to change that, letting free a large number of minority offenders, particularly those who have been convicted of nonviolent drug offenses.This strategy of changing the U.S. criminal justice system from the ground-up has proven to be a hugely successful and game-changing event for not just George Soros but the left in general. It represents the first time the real progress has been made on the criminal justice reform front.

Doe Deere has become a leader in the cosmetics community. She started small, but she has continued to rise in a major way thanks to her high quality brand of cosmetics. Doe Deere has captivated an audience that includes pre-teens that are fans of her lip gloss products as well as young adults that need zany shades of hair dye, lipstick and eyeliner that are available through Lime Crime.


Doe Deere has really been able to solidify herself as a true leader in the cosmetics world because she has put so much effort into creating a company that stands out from everything else that is out there. It is hard to find a carbon copy of Doe Deere and the cosmetic brand she presented. She is a unique individual, and people can tell this and see if they take one look at her. Learn more:


She has shown herself to be a true leader that is not interested in doing what the rest of the competition is doing. The fact that she has separated herself from so many others that are doing the same thing is her key to success. This is the thing that has allowed people to see her and her makeup line in a much different light. People take a look at this innovative company because it looks much different from anything else that they have experienced. Learn more:


The off-the-wall colors are all a part of the strategy that she has used to extend her fan base. She is showing consumers that they do not have to conform. Her makeup is even gender neutral. There have been Instagram photos with both men and women utilizing the Lime Crime makeup. In this day and age Doe Deere is a trendsetter that is catering to a whole new generation of people that are looking for someone that supports what she refers to as Generation Z. Learn more:


It doesn’t matter if consumers are transgenders. It doesn’t matter if they are young or old. She is creating something that can captivate audiences anywhere if quality is what they are interested in. Doe Deere has taken it upon herself to revitalize the cosmetics industry. She has proven that there can be tons of excitement for cosmetic people take the time to discover her brand. She has made herself a very interesting piece of the social media arena, and this plays a big part in her success. Learn more:


After Eli Gershkovitch had graduated from law school, he took a break before settling into his preferred career. He registered for art classes during the day and explored the French Alps during the weekends. According to Gershkovitch, he was exposed to the Belgian beer during a Heidelberg, Germany side trip. While sitting at his Steamworks restaurant in Gastown, Walter Cosman, the president of the brewery business joined him. After a week, they announced that they were looking to transform a 30,000 square fit space into a production facility that would produce up to 90,000 Steamworks pale ale six packs and Pilsner and an additional 800 12 packs seasonal brews including Christmas Blitzen.

This doesn’t imply that Eli Gershkovitch hasn’t put his law degree to use. His earlier Vancouver practice included some legal work on liquor licenses of clients where he familiarized himself with the rules. More importantly, he learned how to make the rules work for him. As a successful businessman, Eli Gershkovitch still practices law the only difference is that he is his own client.


Although law is a satisfying career, Eli Gershkovitch wanted to produce something tangible. He says that his wish was to become a machine rather than the grease. In general, Steamworks produces up to 17 beers annually. Late last year, sometime after the exit of Cosman at Granville Island Brewing, the company launched its bottled beer. Presently, its pilsner and pale ale are in 85 government liquor stores not forgetting several private retailers.


The idea to begin bottling the bear originated from Bernie Hadley of Brandever and has produced tangible results already. Pilsner from Steamworks was first in the Columbia British Awards held last October. Additionally, it won the award of the Brewing Northwest News readers’ choice for best pilsner ( Eli Gershkovitch’s goal of becoming an individual who produces something tangible became a reality after his first bottled beer. Seeing your products on the shelves and watching people pick them up can be very fulfilling. According to Eli Gershkovitch, he is hoping to tap into bigger markets in the near future. He urges people to find purpose in life and remain relevant.

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At the peak of Bothell’s Cascade Business Park, where the Seattle Genetics is situated, you are faced by a not so edgy group of beige buildings that do not look so science related. Despite this, in Building ’s lobby, one starts to sense the science feel in the building upon encountering a green triangular sculpture. The sculpture that seems to be made out of Lego pieces is a representation of an antibody in the human body. The human antibodies are at the center of focus by the Seattle Genetics. The study, manipulate and after that package them into various medicines ever since 1998 when the company started. The strength of the antibodies developed by Seattle Genetics is in how they merge with something else, which is a therapy treatment. The antibodies enter and fight the cancer cells and destroy them from the inside-out by delivering a toxic payload.

Such an approach that they have employed in their treatment is exactly the type of research that could put Seattle Genetics in a position to play with the big boys. This is believed by many to turn the company into the pharmaceutical company that the biotech community of Seattle has long been searching for to guide them through the roller-coaster ride that the sector has been facing. So far, Seattle Genetics has become the largest biotech company in Washington with a workforce of 900 employees and $10 billion market value. The company’s dream is to be among the few to go from biotech to big pharma. Therefore they have added 200 employees and invested more in marketing and research.

The brand’s flagship drug called Adcetris was invented to treat Hodgkin Lymphoma, which is cancer affecting the lymph system that is capable of affecting other organs. Clay Siegall, the CEO, co-founder, and President of the company, says that they are a company that is emerging globally with numerous products as well as oncology. Clay used the knowledge on global markets he gained from partnering with Takeda Oncology and opened a new office in Switzerland so that Seattle Genetics can manage its marketing needs. In the year 2016, Seattle Genetics reached $418 million in sales which was a sharp incline of 46% from the previous year. Seattle Genetics’ has tripled in stock price to $66 from $20 by mid of May.

Dr. Clay Siegall is not only the CEO and President of Seattle Genetics but also the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He has helped the company to build a pipeline of cancer therapies that are based on antibodies. He also helped the company acquire $675 million financing from the private and public sectors.


In April of 2017 a Nashville, Tennessee school board member, Will Pinkston, wrote an op – ed piece about charter schools going into decline. Parents who send their children to charter school within the greater Tennessee area were upset by the editorial piece. In response, they wrote and then signed an open letter to the Tennessee Public School System.

The letter outlined how the parents felt about being singled out for sending their children to a charter school. They did not appreciate the letter’s intent with making them to feel like they were inferior or misguided for not sending their children to a Tennessee public school.

The parents also used the letter to explain how they tried to send their children to a public school. However, they had to remove them because their children were not being properly educated. They also said they were tired of being attacked because of the choice they made to give their children a quality education.

Rocketship Charter School is one of the many charter school locations inside of Tennessee. This particular charter school franchise is based out of California and has been educating kids since 2007. The school has branches in various cities such as Milwaukee and Washington D.C.

Rocketship Charter Schools specialize in helping underprivileged children to receive a high-quality education. This organization uses a blended learning approach that is combined with software applications to help educate students. Parents also get to interview some of the teachers that will educate their children. Rocketship helps to empower parents by getting them involved with their child’s education process on every level.

Many parents in Tennessee and in other parts of the nation are often fed up with the limited choices they have in school. Education is very important and finding the right school to provide education for their children can be a challenge.

The fact is that some parents want their kids to receive good instruction so they will be prepared for college. Sometimes charter schools like Rocketship can meet those demands. Public schools are not totally bad.

However, that does not mean that a lot of them can meet the needs of poor and underprivileged children. Parents of charter school students want local school boards to understand this fact and to stop attacking them for taking charge of their child’s education.


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