OrganoGold: Coffee That is Healthy

Coffee is often talked about in a mixed fashion. There is often argument about whether coffee is actually healthy or unhealthy. However, there is one brand of coffee that is agreed to be healthy by many people. This brand of coffee is Organo Gold. Organo Gold is recommended for drinking because of the nutrient Ganoderma. This nutrient provides people with a lot of healthy benefits. This nutrient comes from Asian countries and is often used for its healing properties. Among the benefits that are being discovered with ganoderma is its effectiveness in helping weight management. People who use Ganoderma will find that their weight gain is slowed down.

This whole process of making the world aware of Ganoderma through Organo Gold has been made possible with the help of Bernardo Chua, the founder of Organo Gold. Bernardo Chua has not only started up the company, but he is also responsible for its expansion into other territories including Turkey. With the help of Bernardo Chua, people are experiencing the benefits of the herb Ganoderma. Athletes around the world are experiencing the benefits that come with Organo Gold and Ganoderma. One person that is benefiting from Bernardo Chua’s expansion of the company and nutrient is Manny Pacquaio, who is considered one of the greatest boxers in history.

Organo Gold continues to expands its business. However, the products are available to be ordered online. There are many people that are discovering the great authentic taste that comes with this organic coffee. Many athletes are experiencing greater energy as a result of this product. Such a great success story has started in 2008 with only 3 employees. With just 3 employees, they were able to market the product to the right people. Eventually word of mouth has spread and more people learned about the product and all of its health benefits. Pretty soon, Organo Gold has become one of the most successful coffee providers of today.  In fact you can see Bernardo Chua speaking to his company on YouTube.  Bernardo has also expanded the company into Turkey for the first time.

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