The US Money Reserve Penny List

Phil Diehl is the president of the US money reserve. He is also the former director of the US Mint from 1994 to 2000.Mr Phil has worked as a chief of staff in the Treasury and majority staff director in the Senate. Aside from running the world’s biggest gold and silver distributions, he is credited with creating the 50 states program. Philip also launched the 1st ever government issued private coin collection.

Phil was recently interviewed by the CNBC where he argued on eliminating the penny. He revealed that the penny cost more to produce than its actual worth. Phil said that only 25% of transactions were in cash in America today. An even smaller percentage is from penny transactions hence their elimination from circulation won’t affect the market much.

Phil also revealed that the nickel though expensive as well has a chance of improving its cost of production. The penny, on the other hand, has outlived its usefulness for the past 25 years. The penny is produced by private firms who have paid lobby groups to protect their interests.

Mr Phil leads one of the largest distributors of gold and silver coins in the world. He is based in Dallas Texas and is the 1st Money Reserve CEO, who directed the US Mint in the west point. The US money reserve has earned the reputation as the primary distributor of coins.

Its coins are graded 69/70 which means they can be used as a legal tender. It has a highly skilled and experienced team run by professionals. It was founded by Gold market specialists who saw the need to bring professionalism and military level efficiency in the specials commodity market.

The US money reserve has a lot of information on the coin market. The Gold coin is one of the most stable products in the world, and it’s treasured everywhere.

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