You’ll Love How You Pay For FreedomPop’s Smartphone Plan

What if you could get rid of your smartphone bill entirely, just by watching a few ads? That potential bill-free lifestyle is the idea behind the offerings from a few innovative carriers, including FreedomPop. With the carrier you score basic service for free; that means you can make calls, send texts, and even surf the web at zero cost. Since it’s free; however, how much of each of those things is a bit limited.

When you want to upgrade, instead of giving the carrier dollars, you just have to perform a few actions with FreedomPops advertisers. Those activities could be something as simple as answering a short questionnaire, or a little more complex, doing something like purchasing a specific advertised product or service. Te amount of credit you get toward your bill is directly influenced by the type of activity you complete.

It’s a business model that customers seem to really enjoy. Smartphone owners are able to get the cell phone package they want, without having to shell out a ton of cash to get it. Advertisers are also excited about the idea. Now they’re getting a captive audience for their ads, and they’re able to target those ads specifically to people who might want there goods or services. It’s a great arrangement for everyone, and is paving the way for whole new way to look at your mobile phone bill.

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  1. Samuel Williams

    So, something like buying an expensive product would be worth more than completing an easier task such as a 5-minute survey. This will also make to become a full grown guy too.

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