Month: May 2016

The Rise of Athleisure

Posted by in Fashion News

There was a time when consumers had to choose between form and function; when the luxury of being both comfortable and stylish was not always an option. But the fashion industry is always evolving and with it, new trends emerge on the scene. One of these new trends is fashionable athletic wear of Fabletics, commonly…

Darius Fisher; The Industry Leading Powerhouse

Posted by in Digital Marketing, Public Relations

The generally accepted understanding that a business or brand absolutely must have a strong reputation and digital presence is infallible. Few have been successful in perfectly mastering the craft and those who have horde the knowledge for themselves. Where such an important aspect of the world is a tender and danger prone minefield of inexperience,…

The Importance of Compliance Officers in the Fast-Paced Corporate World

Posted by in Women

It is quite unfortunate that many people have no clue about the role played by compliance officers. This is however excusable due to the fact that these professionals have only been around for a short time. Fortunately, their reputation has been steadily growing over the past few years. The formation of the Society of Corporate…

Martin Lustgarten seeks funds to save Dogs

Posted by in Investment Banking, People in Business

Investment banking is the financial concept of offering the right advice to customers in a financial sector. The customers in this area have large sums of cash, and they should get the right information from the professional angle. Investment banking employs or hires investment bankers to perform such duties on behalf of them to the…


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