Andy Wirth Says Hamper Over The Drought And Ski

Weather and weather conditions are some of the most amazing phenomenons on the planet, hence every television news program has a weather report. However, what happens when there is a drought covering most of California and the lucrative ski resort area of Lake Tahoe? That question came up on a recent radio program KCRW.

The news anchorwoman asked one of the leading ski resort experts Andy Wirth to comment on the subject. Andy Wirth is the head honcho and Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings in Olympic Valley, CA, near Lake Tahoe, and a really nice guy. On her radio program “Press Play with Madeleine Brand” she asked just that question: “How Will The Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?”

The ever so charming Andy Wirth acknowledged that it is not exactly ideal conditions; but, undaunted he also said a drought wasn’t going to spoil a perfectly magnificent ski season, or for that matter, any part of the year. He prompted proceeds drooped twenty percent; but who can argue that the overall eighty percent high is a good marginal profit. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

Economically, the winter wonderland euphoria may be a bit dismayed due to the dry weather, but the gung-ho attitude of the Lake Tahoe area will not be quashed. Andy Wirth says the resort is booked solid, in fact that is the case for the whole year, since the resort accommodates year round activities like wedding, and the iron man competitions.

Furthermore, in the winter resort business of tourism, or like businesses one is expected to see fluctuation. Andy Wirth contends resort employees are ready to take on the challenges of the drought. Experienced and able body snowcat operators can bear up any small discontentment with the lullaby weather. Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Moreover, technology advancement in snow machines can margin up disparages between Mother Nature’s snowfall and manufactured snow. Skiers and snowboarders will line the slopes, primed and ready for a full day of fun taking on the mountain runs, make that a sure bet if Andy Wirth is in charge.

He is a man of action, and has had his share of mishaps, so he can be counted on to overcome any obstacle, including a missing snowstorm. Maybe the meteorologists are not going to predict blizzard like conditions, but on the plentiful acres of the Lake Tahoe geography, there is ample skiing opportunities.

A while back Andy Wirth supervised a multi-million dollar improve project to the Squaw Valley resort, making the resort equivalence to any other rival skiing facility. He put forth not only effort, but heart, dedication, and determination; he establishing for the resort a reputation in the skiing industry in the top percentile.

  1. Terry

    Understandably, Andy Wirth’s answer to the radio program is the drought may be hampering, but the ski resort is healthy and thriving, so get your gear and head for the slopes. The site: shows exactly how they operated the whole situation.

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