Andy Wirth Seeks To Reconcile With Incorporate Olympic Valley


Lake Tahoe’s north shore communities has had a bit of a bumpy ride over the last few years. After an unexpected drought winter resorts and small businesses suffered a significant financial loss. Resort and business owners shared a fear that the sudden drought coupled with the incorporation battle over Squaw Valley Resort may cause even more loss of revenue.

In an article with Reno Gazette-Journal Benjamin Spillman states that there may be relief in the near future for Incorporate Olympic Valley as well as president and CEO of Squaw Valley Andy Wirth. Though the last few years have been rough, an early storm season brought in cooler temperatures creating the perfect environment for an early ski season. As a result, the resorts were able to open several weeks prior to its normal opening date, giving business and resort owners a chance to make up for lost revenue.

Wirth believes that the incorporation would result in higher taxes for residents and businesses and a decrease in services provided that are paid for by the taxes.This could affect the long term economy of business operating in Squaw Valley. Such an increase could deter traffic from the Lake Tahoe resorts, generating a nearly irreparable profit loss.

Squaw Valley spent a significant amount of money in efforts to fight the incorporation. Wirth predicts that it is the perfect framework for a long term economic disaster. He feels that the Tahoe area should focus more on issues that are outside of the resort in an effort to help everyone in the community.

He has a general goal of improving the area one step at a time, for everyone. Wirth has several years of resort management experience, and has partnerships with different airlines around the world to make trips to resorts more plentiful and affordable. In 2013 he was appointed as Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

  1. Kyle Jordan

    Wirth has been a heavily involved in community service and engagement in the Lake Tahoe area. Andy Wirth is not willing to let that happen. It has happened to superior papers review and I know they will get the sense of it very soon.

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