Lauren Conrad Party Planning Ideas

Lauren Conrad is not a new name in the media. If you are planning a party, then she has planned it for you. You will have an awesome party that is stress free, but you will have to follow all her rules, especially when it comes to entertaining your visitors.

Lauren Conrad has accomplished a lot in her career life. She successfully managed to conquer the world of fashion when she came up with two great collections known as Paper Crown and the LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s. She has also done exemplary well in the publishing business after writing nine books. Some of these books include New York Times best sellers.

In social media world, Lauren Conrad has also conquered. She has over ten million followers in her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. She has now ventured in to a new emperor that will ensure that we all have a cozier and better house. She recently launched an online fair trade retailer known as Little Market. She also has a new book titled Celebrate to help make people have better houses.

Lauren Conrad has also released some party planning tips that will turn everyone who follows them in to a super hostess. She however urges everyone not to worry about perfecting everything when planning the party. According to Lauren, parties that everything in perfect condition look too fussy.

It is also crucial to ensure that you keep in mind the things your visitors like when planning. Go for themes that will excite them. A collection of tea cups in the dining table is also a great idea. The last thing is to ensure that at the end of the day, all your visitors have fun and enjoyed the party, whether it is small or big.

If you are planning a party, Twenty Three Layers is the company to hire. The company is based in New York City, and they will ensure that you have the party you have always dreamt of. Twenty Three Layers has professionals who will work with you closely so that your party is fun and comfortable for all your visitors.

  1. Jay Josh

    When this happens, the people attending the party never feel comfortable. A party should be able to make the visitors welcome and comfortable. This can only be done if you are not a perfectionist. It is a very important fact that can make sure everything works out to be very important and I know it sounds so sweet too.

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