Marc Sparks As A Venture Capitalist And Philanthropist

According to CNN iReport, Marc Sparks is a successful business person and doesn’t consider his success a matter of luck. He has published a book about how he was successful in business and the book is titled ‘They can’t eat you’. Mr Sparks is also a big philanthropist as well as a serial entrepreneur who often deals with telecommunications; however, he is also involved in other nature of businesses as well.

Venture capitalist
A venture capitalist gives start-up money to firms that seem to be heading for big success, and Marc Sparks has been very successful in speculating the success of businesses. Apart from being a venture capitalist, he also donates his time and money to programs around his local area of Dallas that assists youth in getting high school diplomas and the needy having shelter. Learn more about Marc Sparks:

Recently, he was at the Habitat for Humanity working on building houses for the needy, and he also volunteered at the Samaritan Inn in Dallas Texas.

Mr Mark Sparks in his new project states that most companies need start-up capital. Reason being, most infant companies, reach a point where they don’t have the funds to take things any further, without outside investors, and this is where one seeks for financial aid from venture capitalists. But you can’t just ask for funding. Prominent venture capitalists like Mr Sparks are in search of specific details;
Below are some of the factors he scrutinizes;
• A unique service
If you don’t have a service or a commodity that only your company can offer, it’s going to be hard to win the attention of venture capitalists.
• Use sales data to market your company
If your products are already on the market, and you are only seeking for assistance to expand, then it is important that you use your sales data as proof of demand. By doing this, you’re showing them that your product is in demand.

A clear cut strategy of how their funds will help you

Clearly, this is the most important part. One needs to account exactly how their money will boost their company. It is crucial for proving that you have a business idea or strategy and that they need to invest in it. Your plan should have presentations which show a venture capitalist in detail how their money will be spent to increase sales.

Presentations should be very persuading as they could break or build their interest in your company. All Mark Sparks wants is a realistic path that illustrates a logical progression for achieving more with their initial investment.

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