Month: September 2016

Geoffrey Cone‘s take on New Zealand’s tax transparency profile

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According to Geoffrey Cone, the recent media coverage of foreign trusts in New Zealand can be best summarized in one word: baseless—and for a number of reasons. To begin with, the country has never been a tax haven. The major characteristics of tax havens are well documented: most impose little or no nominal taxes, lack…

Client Earns Second Largest Ever Award in SEC Whistleblower Program

Posted by in Lawyers

Recently there was a client of the law firm Lataton Sucharow who earned an award of $17 million from the Securities and Exchange Commission. With this award, the individual earned the second largest financial award in the history of the 6 year program. This client reported unethical activity that was taking place in the financial…

Nizan Guanaes Sets New Trends of Excellency as a Marketing Guru

Posted by in Advertising

Many people tend to confuse advertising with marketing or vice versa. Although both are essential tools for business success, they are slightly different. Understanding the difference and carrying out intensive market research can position your firm on the path to extensive growth. Advertising is a distinct constituent of the marketing process. It involves spreading the…

Why People Love Italian Meals: Tarallucci e Vino

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You can dine in an Italian restaurant and feel like you are in Italy already. From the moment you enter the restaurant, you feel relaxed. The aroma of fresh vegetables and herbs awaken your senses as you wait to have a fabulous meal. Americans love Italian food, especially homemade meals. They love foods prepared using…


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