Nizan Guanaes Sets New Trends of Excellency as a Marketing Guru

Many people tend to confuse advertising with marketing or vice versa. Although both are essential tools for business success, they are slightly different. Understanding the difference and carrying out intensive market research can position your firm on the path to extensive growth. Advertising is a distinct constituent of the marketing process. It involves spreading the word about your business, brand, product, or the services you are providing. It involves placing an advertisement in mediums like newspapers, television, billboards, radio and direct mail.

Advertising is the biggest expense of numerous marketing plans, followed closely by public relations, with market research also taking a big chunk of the marketing budget. The most efficient way of differentiating between marketing and advertising is to consider marketing as pie, and within that pie, there are slices of advertising, media planning, product pricing, customer support, distribution, public relation, and sales strategy. Advertising is equal to one slice of the pie in the marketing strategy.

About Nizan Guanaes

Nizan was born in 1958 and brought up in Salvador, Bahia. He received his degree in Business Administration from the renowned Universidade Federal da Bahia. He established a successful career as a copywriter and worked for firms such as DPZ and W/GGK (now W/McCann). Nizan has won several awards throughout his advertising career including the 1988 Gold Lion Accolade for “Hitler”, the notable television advertisement, designed for the popular newspaper Folha de S. Paulo. In 2010, the Financial Times voted him one of the five most powerful Brazilians.

Launching ABC Group

Nizan Guanaes teamed up with Guga Valente to establish ABC Group in March 2002. The holding company encompasses 18 successful companies.
Stay Up to Date with Nizan

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