Month: November 2016

Makeup fit for Unicorns

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In the beauty industry, there are many similar brands with the same voice and vision. In such a large demographic it is sometimes hard for a particular company to stand out. That is not the case with Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime, started around Halloween 2008 by musician turned entrepreneur Doe Deere is recognized for…

All The Facts on Wealth Solutions and Richard Blair

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When a firm get put in charge of handling assets it means that a client trusted that firm to do everything that they could to correctly handle those assets. So what happens when a client ends up trusting the wrong firm? Millions of things could go wrong when someone puts their trust into the wrong…

Lovaganza Releases Official Dates To The Highly Coveted Celebrations

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Lovaganza has come out and revealed the official dates to the celebrations the company is looking to hold across the whole world. Towards the 2020 celebrations on Crunchbase, the company will come up with several procedures that will make marketing easy for a big population of the world to prepare for the celebrations. Through entertainment,…

Lime Crime and the World of Alternative Makeup

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Lime Crime is an online makeup retailer that caters mainly to the alternative crowd. This is not to say that mainstream makeup enthusiast don’t enjoy this makeup because they clearly do, as Lime Crime has become a giant player within the makeup industry. They offer a lot of lipstick shades that are difficult to find…

Helane Morrison’s Fight Against Financial Predators

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Investment banking was largely a male dominated field. However, this domination is changing with the new crop of ambitious women in the field. One of these women is Helane Morrison. She works at Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. Helane holds three positions at the firm. She is the managing director, chief compliance and general…

Twenty Three Layers: A Company To Buzz About

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If you are in the midst of planning an event that you simply don’t want to or have the time for, you aren’t alone. Party planning is a project that requires a lot of patience, time and creativity and it’s definitely not for everyone. If you find yourself in a bind, you may want to…

Nationwide Title Clearing Makes an Impressive Mark

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Dallas is now home to a business that has consistently made news for its exceptional operational strategies. Nationwide Title Clearing has opened an office in Dallas, which should prove beneficial to the local economy. Of course, those interested in accessing post-closing services are going to benefit as well. The company handles post-closing work for entities…

Norka Luque is Welcomed by American Audience

Posted by in Musician, The Practice

Norka Luque grew up in Venezuela. She had a passion for singing, but she also loved others things like fashion and cooking. She earned degrees in culinary arts and fashion to it was obvious that her passion never died for these things. What her surrounding friends may have never guessed is that she was still…


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