Makeup fit for Unicorns

In the beauty industry, there are many similar brands with the same voice and vision. In such a large demographic it is sometimes hard for a particular company to stand out. That is not the case with Lime Crime cosmetics. Lime Crime, started around Halloween 2008 by musician turned entrepreneur Doe Deere is recognized for its unique colors, names, and packaging. To understand what the company is all about, one needs only to see Doe Deere in person. With bright pink or purple hair and complementing makeup Doe Deere is the living embodiment of a cupcake or unicorn.

While working in New York as a musician in a band where she met her future business partner and husband, Deere found a lack of brightly colored cosmetics in the sea of “natural look” makeup marketed by the top brands in the industry. In order to complete her own look in the way that she so desired, Deere decided to create makeup she wanted to wear herself. In doing so, Deere found herself a niche in the beauty industry that was lacking options.

Deere used her background in fashion to create Lime Crime cosmetics and marketed it as one of the first brands to be sold solely online instead of in stores. Lime Crime creates products that are designated vegan and animal cruelty-free. Possibly the most unique product listed in the Lime Crime range is the product that Deere single-handedly introduced to the market; a liquid to matte lip color that doesn’t smudge or crumble. The bright range features colors found nowhere else such as the bright blue shade named Teacup or the dark bluish gray Cement. While not everyone could pull off these colors, the ability to find something to experiment with is what Deere has brought to the table.

Deere’s vision for her company to appeal to a wide arrange of women and men that are special, different, and proud of it; is what led her to brand Lime Crime with Unicorns. Doe Deere is a true visionary and was recognized as such when Self-Made magazine named her one of the “Top Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs.

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