Rebel Against Boring Beige with Brilliant Blues

At the heart of any success story is one thing; passion. Passion for creativity and standing out of the crowd is the motivation that drives successful, self made entrepreneur Doe Deere. Doe loves color, fun, and living life out loud. She comes from a humble background and built herself and her company, Lime Crime, up from nothing.

She first came to New York in hopes of becoming a musician. She has always loved creating and expressing herself. Through this band and life experience she met her husband who loves and supports her. Though she originated as a musician, her real success and accomplishments came as a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. In the academic world, she found her calling, an artist of make-up. Trading in a mic for mascara, her true colors shone through. And those colors continue to change.

Self expression has remained an integral part of who Doe is and she often shows it however she can. From a rainbow pallet of hair colors to bold and beautiful clothing, Doe shines and radiates. She does not hide in the pastel pallet or dark denim realm, but steps in the bright and vibrant light.

This is the same philosophy she holds Lime Crime to as well. She wants women to be able to buy the colors they want, not be told to stick to nude and natural variances. She encourages women to rebel against the stifling norm of society. Lime Crime wants women to rebel from the boring with the brilliant! She wants women to be any person they want to be. Whether that person is a musician or mathematician or beautician. Lime Crime was built to enable women of the world to be anything they want.

Doe built her company herself. She had no experience, just a passion for the wonderful. With her passion and some education from the Fashion Institute of Technology, she was driven to success. She tells women everywhere that they can do the same. Once you find your passion, run with it. Once you find your light, let it shine.

Doe is so grateful to all the support she has received as well. She knows that her costumers are the reason she can continue Lime Crime and its glory. She listens to what people want an what her heart says is going to shine, then she makes it!

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