Facts About Oncotarget

Oncotarget is a medical journal with open access and is peer reviewed on a weekly basis. The journal features research on all aspects of oncology and is published by Impact Journals. Oncotarget was started in 2010. The journal currently provides free reports on Altmetric articles. This is part of Oncotarget’s new journal platform that provides coordinated tracking in articles coverage in digital and traditional media channels. The editors-in-chief of the Oncotarget are Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei V. Gudkov. The journal has published 370 papers on oxygen related topics. The journal allows online articles on issues to be printed in case there is an extraordinary demand. Oncotarget is a traditional multidisciplinary journal with free access. Oncotarget publishes online articles every week. William G. Kaelin, Jr. and Gregg L. Semenza are part of Oncotarget’s editorial board. They won the Discovery of the Pathway of Sensing Oxygen Lasker award in 2016. See:

Oncotarget’s mission is to ensure that there fast sharing of exceptional discoveries as well as connecting different biomedical science fields. The journal also aims at using the insightful review to maximize the impact of research. The journal is committed to fighting diseases through fostering of basic and clinical science applications. It also ensures that all Oncotarget readers from all over the world access scientific results rapidly. Oncortarget’s commitment to offering the best regarding science has made the journal to have a broad audience from all parts of the world. Those who want to know issues on oncology have to trust that they will get the most reliable and accurate information from Oncotarget.

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The leadership of Oncotarget has the most famous scientists. It has been able to help researchers that wish to contribute to science progress. The journal allows writers from all over the world to submit their articles on oncology provided they meet the standard that is required. Oncotarget aims to see a disease-free community and has come up with other topics of discussion apart from oncology. The editorial board of Oncotarget is mandated to ensure that issues published are of high quality and are based on the correct research results. The other topics that Oncotarget is currently working on Include:

• Endocrinology and Neuroscience
• Immunology/ Microbiology
• Cardiology
• Gerotarget and aging
• Chromosome
• Neuropathology
• Cell and Mol Biology
• Pharmacology.

Oncotarget believes that the introduction of new topics will ensure that they reach to all readers and not just those who want to know about Oncology.

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