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While equity market is going through intense turmoil, Madison Street Capital still continues to pursue its milestones and goals with its quick and deliberate strategies. It is one of the most popular international investment banking firms in the country that combines its experience along with its commitment to excellence, leadership and service quality to help a wide variety of organizations to financially strive through their corporate financial advisory services.



Madison Street Capital was founded in 2005, and it is now operating in multiple continents such as North America, Africa, and Asia through its Head Quarter based in Chicago, Illinois. Since its inception, the organization has been helping hundreds of businesses, both public and private, from different sectors and nations and took Madison Street Capital’s Reputation to a new height of excellence and extreme success.



What makes this firm different from other middle market investment banking firms is their expertise in a wide range of industries. They have a huge pool of highly qualified and experienced professionals who can clearly understand the market and the clients, identify market opportunities and threats, develop a unique solution for every circumstance and assist the clients in implementing the strategies. Unlike its competitors, Madison Street Capital is agile and proactive to identify and respond to opportunities quickly and aggressively. However, their biggest strength is that they always come up with exclusive and unique client solutions to each specific situation. Thanks to their exclusive market relationship, expertise, and knowledge, they can easily match the expectation of the buyers and sellers. With a mutually beneficial approach, they work together with their clients to bring in the best possible solutions that maximize their profitability and sustainability over the long run.



The business portfolio of Madison Street Capital includes a wide range of services and solutions. However, they are highly acclaimed for their Corporate Advisory services that include but not limits to Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), Capital Restructuring, Reorganization Services, Bankruptcy Services, ESOP Advisory, Buy Out Advisory, Corporate Governance and Private Placements. If you didn’t know, Madison Street Capital served as exclusive advisor to The Dowco Group of Companies in the acquisition of Acuna & Associates.



Madison Street Capital also has intensive expertise on Business Valuation and helped a number of organizations through their Company Valuation and Tax Compliance solutions. Industry Focused-Asset Management is another forte, and they provide Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory, Portfolio Valuation Services, Restructuring Services and Financial Sponsor Coverage to both corporates and individuals. They also provide Financial Opinions on Independent 3rd Party Fairness as well as Solvency & Capital Adequacy. In recent times of drastic economic changes, their Wealth Preservation and Tax Planning solutions i.e. Tax Planning and Business Exit Planning has assisted hundreds of individual and organizations to cope with the impact.

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