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A healthy lifestyle is always a good choice because it gives people confidence, energy, and overall positive feelings about their body. Sometimes, it’s not the easiest to achieve because temptation is everywhere. Fast food is always an easy fix when hungry but it’s not the healthiest. That’s why, a healthy alternative supplement store, has a list of recipes that are quick, easy, and healthy. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to live a little bit healthier, no matter how busy their schedule might be.

Cellulite is something that many of us struggle with. It’s unsightly and really can knock down our confidence. Luckily, Dherbs has developed a quick and easy cellulite burner. All you need for this drink is a grapefruit, two oranges, and a 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric powder. Put everything in your juicer and that’s it! Dherbs recommends that you drink this twice a day before meals for maximum results!  A lot of Yelp reviewers have found that recipes like these have definitely helped them lose weight and feel better.


Another great recipe from is their savory butternut squash fries. It’s so easy to snack in an unhealthy manner. That’s why it’s great to always be looking for healthy snacks, appetizers, and side dishes. Dherbs has you covered with these healthy fries. All you have to do is take the seeds out of a butternut squash. Then cut that squash in wedges, drizzle with olive oil and cinnamon, and then bake! Once your done, garnish with sea salt and parsley and enjoy. It’s an easy and healthy snack that whole families can enjoy together.


A final great recipe from Dherbs is their cauliflower hot wings. It’s another quick and easy go-to snack for many! You want to start by chopping your cauliflower into bite sized bites. Then it’s time to make the sauce. The sauce is composed of buffalo sauce of your choice, plain almond milk, chickpea flour, and seasoning such as garlic and onion powder. After the sauce is done, coat the cauliflower in it and bake! It’s so much healthier than regular chicken wings and it’s vegan-friendly.  Recipes like these are a big reason why NewsOne suggested as a healthy alternative for those looking to lose weight.


Overall, has a large variety of vegetarian and vegan friendly recipes! The best part is that they are all good and good for you.  There are a lot more recipes from outlined on their Pinterest board dedicated to vegan recipes here:


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