Exercising in Style with Fabletics – The New Way to Buy Sports Gear

Low prices and good quality do not always go together, but that is what Fabletics is offering. This startup guarantees you a monthly supply of your entire sports outfit for an almost throwaway price. The model is almost unbelievable, but this is a deal that is just too good. Here are the details.


A Members’ Club

Fabletics is not a typical sports gear company. It is more of a community of exercising enthusiasts with a knack for good quality sports outfits. Members get a timely monthly supply of the outfits for a monthly subscription fee.


How much good the deal becomes will depend on your membership status. Ordinary members are charged about $100 for a monthly supply of three sports outfits. VIP members, on the other hand, pay only $50 for the same number of outfits. Additionally, your first outfits are discounted to just $25 and shipping is always free.


Outfits Customized Just for You

Every member receives hand-picked outfits customized to his/her tastes and preferences. How do they know? When signing up every member fills out a short lifestyle quiz. Your answers imply much for your preferences. As such, variants of outfits matching your preferences are hand-picked for you with every delivery.

Nevertheless, you are always free to return outfits that do not impress you. However, although there is a refund, it is subject to a small charge.


Membership Plans are Flexible

Receiving a monthly supply of three sports outfits is exciting enough. The option of halting your subscription whenever you want, on the other hand, is decisive. Fabletics’ membership plan is flexible in the sense that you can halt deliveries within a given time period every month. However, this is also where the catch lies with the company’s exceptional business model.


As a member, you can halt your monthly delivery only between the 1st and 5th of every month. As such, the outfits are automatically delivered if you forget to skip the month, and you are automatically charged. However, you can always return the goods if you are willing to incur a small fee.



Fabletics has started off with a bang, and members are having a bliss too. For such a great deal, there is no reason you should not join Fabletics and train in style henceforth. After all, you can always skip deliveries if you are punctual enough. Good quality and cheap prices do not always go together, but it is happening with Fabletics.

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