Bruno Fagali: The Exemplary Career of Compliance Law Authority

Bruno Fagali is one of the most respected lawyers in the country. His primary specialization is in administrative law. He also has a special compliance in the contagious and advisory law for the public areas. Because he is so experienced in this field, he has many other specializations hey include the bidding law, anti-corruption law, administrative law, civil liabilities, public civil actions, urban law, and regulatory law.

Bruno Fagali has comprehensive knowledge in the representation of clients in many law areas. Because he has studied in many law colleges in the country, his experience and knowledge are very broad. He has also studied in many other law institutions to have his knowledge widened in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. In 2015, Fagali joined the Sao Paulo University to enhance his education to attain a master’s degree in law.

When it comes to law, Bruno Fagali is very experienced. Since 2006, he has been practicing in the field of law. For this reason, his experience spans more than a decade. He has also been practicing in several institutions such as the Azevedo Law Company in Brazil. This is a law company that has been in practice for more than two decades. Before he attained a qualification to get a license at the bar, he worked for those companies and gained outstanding experience. For this reason, people developed a high-end capability in these management platforms. Bruno Fagali attained a law career in this business as a professional.

Bruno Fagali got a license to start his law company in 2012. Because of his achievements in the industry, he was known to develop high-end capabilities in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry. Bruno Fagali is also a corporate integrity manager. He also founded a company to enhance his services through business and professionalism.



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