Do You Have Any Gold in Your Golden Years Self-Directed IRA?

Real assets are those which you control, physically. You might think of the oak tree in your lawn. If the oak tree is on your property, then you are liable. If the oak tree is on your neighbor’s property, he is liable.


The same is true for financial assets. While it might feel good to have a number of municipal bonds in your portfolio, do you really think you will have guaranteed returns? With a Self-Directed Gold IRA, you might sleep better during your Golden Years.


“Real Money in Your Control”


US Money Reserve has improved its website in order to “empower” its customers. You can check the daily spot price along the top and relevant news in the middle.


“Positive Customer Testimonials”


As you shop, a “Live Chat” box will appear, allowing you to speak to a knowledgeable US Money Reserve representative. You can also find positive customer testimonials on US Money Reserve. These folks are your neighbors, who decided to get “real money in their control.” You can’t do much about your neighbor’s property, but you can take care of yours.


“American Buffalo Gold Coin”


The 1 oz Gold American Buffalo Coin combines a beautiful design (from James E. Fraser), along with the intrinsic value found in 24-karat gold. Produced since 2006, this gold coin already has a decade under its belt. Of course, this is a replica of the famous America Buffalo Nickel, which was legal tender from 1913 to 1938.


The US Mint has been quite brilliant with this replica because it engenders the growth of the country. In 1913, many Americans probably could not have afforded gold coins, but they might have had a Buffalo Nickel in their pockets. Now, higher incomes have made it so they can afford the best of the American Dream.


This replica Gold American Buffalo Coin is guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the United States government. When you visit US Money Reserve, you can actually get a discount for purchasing in bulk. Add some gold to our IRA in order to truly enjoy those Golden Years.


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