George Street Photography and Video in Miami, Florida

George Street Photography and Video was implemented by three young men in the basement of an apartment in Indiana on the street named George Street. Each of the young men had a passion for developing a business that would appeal to people everywhere. The company has expanded nationwide, and for weddings in Miami, George Steet Photography and Videos is the real thing.


The Tarpon Lodge and Restaurant are the ideal location for a beautiful wedding. Located right on the waterfront with towering palm trees framing the scene, there is no more beautiful spot than this. Your pictures will reflect the stunning Florida location and your guests will be awed by the lush surroundings.


The Manatee River Garden Club is an overwhelmingly beautiful setting and is ideal for an indoor-outdoor ceremony. The wedding and reception can be held at the same location with the main room along with the choice of an indoor or outdoor seated meal. There is nothing left to the imagination, as you will want for nothing during your event.


Pictures by George Street will reflect the memories for the rest of your life.



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