Serve Alcoholic Beverages At Your Event With The Following Tips

If you are planning a fundraiser, banquet or corporate function, there is a good chance you are planning to serve alcoholic beverages at your event. There is more to serving alcohol at your event than just setting up a table of beer or wine. You can serve alcohol and host a successful event by checking out the following tips from corporate event planners in NYC.


Welcome Your Guests With a Bubbly: You want to create a welcoming atmosphere so your guests are ready to mingle from the moment they walk through the door. Start by offering your guests sparkling water and champagne as soon as they arrive to your event. Place the beverages on a table by the door for your guests to grab when they arrive. You can also ask a caterer to offer the drinks to your guests.


Provide a Self-Serve Bar: Are you looking for a simple way to serve drinks? You can always let your guests mix their own drinks by offering a self-serve bar. Your self-serve bar should include a decanter, two or three types of liquor and several festive mixers. You can also include non-alcoholic beverages to mix with the drinks, such as Coke or orange juice. Be sure to include slices of fruit and plenty of ice at your bar.


Offer a Specialty Cocktail: You can have fun with your bar by offering one or two specialty cocktails to your guests. Ideas for your the cocktails include the Blackberry-Mint Julep, Frozen Ginger Lemon Drop and Citrus Martini. It is recommended to limit the beverages to one cocktail per hour per guest.


Do you need help planning the alcoholic beverages for your event? You may need ideas for a menu that does not clash with your beverages. It is best to enlist in help from Twenty Three Layers, which is one of the best event planning companies in NYC. The company is run by three women who have planned events ranging from weddings to corporate functions.


The company takes care of the catering services such as planning a menu and choosing the alcoholic beverages. You can even hire the caterers to serve the food and beverages to your guests. Twenty Three Layers also specializes in venue selection, decorating and entertainment.


You can hire qualified event planners in NYC to create a bar that is sure to be a success.


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