Securus Helps Keep My Incarcerated Brother Safe On The Inside

I recently had to sign up with Securus Technologies to talk to my brother. Unfortunately, my brother was busted for a white-collar crime and he’s going to be imprisoned for the next 18 months. I’m pretty glad that I got this telecommunications company to deal with because reviews of the other company, Global Tel-Link, or horrible.


It is all pretty easy. I just went on to their website to make an account and I can certainly receive phone calls from my brother. There is also this cool feature where I get to make video chats with him and payment is pretty easy through their online system. The rates are pretty reasonable from what I hear, as well.


I am just a little bit worried about my brother being on the inside because he is a white-collar criminal. I’m a little worried about the violent criminals in there kind of messing with him. I am put a little at ease with Securus Technology’s new software innovation that I think can help keep my brother safe.


They tell you right up front that all of your phone calls are being recorded. I guess this makes sense because as a convict my brother has forfeited some of his constitutional rights including the right to privacy. It feels a little uncomfortable being recorded but law enforcement can use these recordings to keep my brother safe by preventing crime.


All of these phone calls really add up. Just imagine all the phone calls going into and out of prisons all across the country every day. The amount of digital information can make your head spin. But this new software innovation allows for easy searches of the database using something called a vocal fingerprint. The software can go into the database and pull out one person’s voice to collect intelligence for preventing crimes inside the prison.




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