UKV-PLC French Wines

When buying French wines UKV-PLC a wine company suggests learning about the regions of origin. The wine sold will be a labeled as part of a government classification system. Climate, soil, altitude, and topography are what gives each wine its own special qualities. Some of the regions that consumers should be aware of in France are Burgundy, Bordeaux, Champagne, and Loire.

Burgundy produces both white and red wine. Burgundy’s red wines are known for their complex pinot noir grapes that gives the wine earthy flavors. The white wines uses chardonnay grapes that gives their wines a light fruity flavor. It is a region known for its successful vineyards. Bordeaux produce medium bodied red wines using different blends of grapes. It is a large area with over 10,000 wine producers.

Champagne is a region know for its sparking wines and champagnes. The cold climate lets the producers use a double fermentation process. Not all wine makers use this technique but this production method is what make a good sparkling wine or champagne.

Loire is a region that produces diverse types of wines and has over 87 regions or appellations. They are along the Loire River and near the ocean. They are known for white wines Muscuadet, Savignon Blanc, and Chenin Blanc.

UKV-PLC is a company and group that buys and sell wines for companies and small businesses. They operate an independent supply company and are not connected to one supply chain. Their wine consultants can help you choose the best French wines and champagnes for a party or your business. UKV PLC have their own warehouse and store wines and champagne properly giving you the best quality products available.

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