Rocketship Education Charter School Parents Speak Out Against Public Schools

In April of 2017 a Nashville, Tennessee school board member, Will Pinkston, wrote an op – ed piece about charter schools going into decline. Parents who send their children to charter school within the greater Tennessee area were upset by the editorial piece. In response, they wrote and then signed an open letter to the Tennessee Public School System.

The letter outlined how the parents felt about being singled out for sending their children to a charter school. They did not appreciate the letter’s intent with making them to feel like they were inferior or misguided for not sending their children to a Tennessee public school.

The parents also used the letter to explain how they tried to send their children to a public school. However, they had to remove them because their children were not being properly educated. They also said they were tired of being attacked because of the choice they made to give their children a quality education.

Rocketship Charter School is one of the many charter school locations inside of Tennessee. This particular charter school franchise is based out of California and has been educating kids since 2007. The school has branches in various cities such as Milwaukee and Washington D.C.

Rocketship Charter Schools specialize in helping underprivileged children to receive a high-quality education. This organization uses a blended learning approach that is combined with software applications to help educate students. Parents also get to interview some of the teachers that will educate their children. Rocketship helps to empower parents by getting them involved with their child’s education process on every level.

Many parents in Tennessee and in other parts of the nation are often fed up with the limited choices they have in school. Education is very important and finding the right school to provide education for their children can be a challenge.

The fact is that some parents want their kids to receive good instruction so they will be prepared for college. Sometimes charter schools like Rocketship can meet those demands. Public schools are not totally bad.

However, that does not mean that a lot of them can meet the needs of poor and underprivileged children. Parents of charter school students want local school boards to understand this fact and to stop attacking them for taking charge of their child’s education.



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