Steamworks is not Just a Brew Pub

After Eli Gershkovitch had graduated from law school, he took a break before settling into his preferred career. He registered for art classes during the day and explored the French Alps during the weekends. According to Gershkovitch, he was exposed to the Belgian beer during a Heidelberg, Germany side trip. While sitting at his Steamworks restaurant in Gastown, Walter Cosman, the president of the brewery business joined him. After a week, they announced that they were looking to transform a 30,000 square fit space into a production facility that would produce up to 90,000 Steamworks pale ale six packs and Pilsner and an additional 800 12 packs seasonal brews including Christmas Blitzen.

This doesn’t imply that Eli Gershkovitch hasn’t put his law degree to use. His earlier Vancouver practice included some legal work on liquor licenses of clients where he familiarized himself with the rules. More importantly, he learned how to make the rules work for him. As a successful businessman, Eli Gershkovitch still practices law the only difference is that he is his own client.


Although law is a satisfying career, Eli Gershkovitch wanted to produce something tangible. He says that his wish was to become a machine rather than the grease. In general, Steamworks produces up to 17 beers annually. Late last year, sometime after the exit of Cosman at Granville Island Brewing, the company launched its bottled beer. Presently, its pilsner and pale ale are in 85 government liquor stores not forgetting several private retailers.


The idea to begin bottling the bear originated from Bernie Hadley of Brandever and has produced tangible results already. Pilsner from Steamworks was first in the Columbia British Awards held last October. Additionally, it won the award of the Brewing Northwest News readers’ choice for best pilsner ( Eli Gershkovitch’s goal of becoming an individual who produces something tangible became a reality after his first bottled beer. Seeing your products on the shelves and watching people pick them up can be very fulfilling. According to Eli Gershkovitch, he is hoping to tap into bigger markets in the near future. He urges people to find purpose in life and remain relevant.

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