Doe Deere Changes Cosmetics

Doe Deere has become a leader in the cosmetics community. She started small, but she has continued to rise in a major way thanks to her high quality brand of cosmetics. Doe Deere has captivated an audience that includes pre-teens that are fans of her lip gloss products as well as young adults that need zany shades of hair dye, lipstick and eyeliner that are available through Lime Crime.


Doe Deere has really been able to solidify herself as a true leader in the cosmetics world because she has put so much effort into creating a company that stands out from everything else that is out there. It is hard to find a carbon copy of Doe Deere and the cosmetic brand she presented. She is a unique individual, and people can tell this and see if they take one look at her. Learn more:


She has shown herself to be a true leader that is not interested in doing what the rest of the competition is doing. The fact that she has separated herself from so many others that are doing the same thing is her key to success. This is the thing that has allowed people to see her and her makeup line in a much different light. People take a look at this innovative company because it looks much different from anything else that they have experienced. Learn more:


The off-the-wall colors are all a part of the strategy that she has used to extend her fan base. She is showing consumers that they do not have to conform. Her makeup is even gender neutral. There have been Instagram photos with both men and women utilizing the Lime Crime makeup. In this day and age Doe Deere is a trendsetter that is catering to a whole new generation of people that are looking for someone that supports what she refers to as Generation Z. Learn more:


It doesn’t matter if consumers are transgenders. It doesn’t matter if they are young or old. She is creating something that can captivate audiences anywhere if quality is what they are interested in. Doe Deere has taken it upon herself to revitalize the cosmetics industry. She has proven that there can be tons of excitement for cosmetic people take the time to discover her brand. She has made herself a very interesting piece of the social media arena, and this plays a big part in her success. Learn more:



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