Here’s Why George Soros is Standing up to Donald Trump

George Soros has made a name for himself within the wider and broader world for his work as both a political activist and a prolific philanthropist. George Soros has spent the better part of his life focused on bringing about positive change to the world. This has taken up the form of intense philanthropic work at the Open Society Foundations, his personal philanthropic arm, or his work within the political arena. Most recently George Soros returned to lead the charge against the election of Donald Trump, a feat that was important to many people around the world. George Soros knows as well as anyone the threat that an unhinged nationalist can bring to the world when in charge of a super powered country.

Before we leap too far into what Soros managed to accomplish during the 2016 Presidential Election you would be better served learning a little bit about his past. About George Soros he was born in Hungary and raised there until he was a teenager. In 1944 Nazi forces came to Hungary in order to occupy the land for roughly a year. During that year the Nazi forces would go on to kill 500,000 Hungarian born Jews for nothing more than being born the way that they were born. Soros saw people he knew and cared for killed or hauled off, never to be seen again, all in the name of Hitler’s violent rhetoric and nationalism. Soros and his family would eventually flee the country, helping many others along the way, before landing in London.

In London Soros would work two jobs in order to go to college, studying at the London School of Economics. During his period of time Soros would learn from the works of philosopher Karl Popper and his opinions on capitalism and the intrinsic threat of money driven politics. Soros would eventually graduate and emigrate to America where he would establish his glowing company, the Soros Hedge Fund. Decades later Soros would have enough money to start up his own charitable foundation, the Open Society Foundations.

The OSF focuses on funding grassroots activism and bringing aid to those who are in need all around the world.Now, back to the present and the 2016 election. George Soros saw what Donald Trump was doing in order to rile up voters with dangerous, violent, and hateful rhetoric and it called to mind what he experienced in 1944. Soros couldn’t sit idly by. So, George got back into politics by backing Hillary Clinton and the rest of the progressive party. He would pour $25 million into the campaigns, rallying other big Democratic spenders, in the process. Now, Soros stands in direct opposition of Donald Trump in order to temper the damage that Trump is actively doing to the country.


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