Beneful with a piece of mind

Beneful commercials as a whole, have the same general theme. That theme is to relay information about their products in a relatable, light, and fun way. Most of the commercials in the past have been the owner of the pet giving reasons why they use Beneful, and the positive aspects it as on their pets. More recent commercials have been using the dogs in the commercial to talk and explain why they love Beneful so much. The dogs are kind of joking and making the commercial fun, and In some commercials, both dog and owner are talking and the dog makes it seem like the owner is more excited about the dog food than himself. The commercials are relatable like this is what your dog may be thinking. People treat their dogs like family and want to give them the best food they can find. On the Beneful website, you can find numerous videos made by the staff who talk about feeding their own dogs Beneful. These people work at Beneful and some are there through the whole process. They see how the food is made, and know whats in it. It can be very mind settling to be able to work closely with the food that you feed your own dog with. It gives you a piece of mind.


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