The New Features On Norman Pattiz’s Network, PodcastOne

The popularity of video and audio-on-demand keeps growing by the day. Today, individuals are moving away from traditional broadcasting to internet services such as podcasts. Enterprises have had to shift their interests to exploit the new opportunities that such technologies have to offer.


Recently, PodcastOne upgraded its podcast network to include software that helps improve the user experience. The upgrade will feature 360-degree video footage, and the users will get a platform through which they can easily interact with show hosts and fellow listeners. The software is available as a mobile app on the company’s website, Google Play and the App Store.


The application comes with several exciting features that include access to virtual reality content and numerous A-list shows. When individuals launch the Podcastone app, they can stream their favorite shows and at the same time view interesting pictures that are exclusive to the platform. The listeners can also initiate conversation with other users of the application. To ensure that they reward loyal users, Podcastone has come up with a loyalty scheme that awards members points which they can redeem for some features and services.


The technology of virtual reality has been gaining notoriety in the recent days, and Podcastone is keen on bringing the VR experience to its listeners. The company produces quality videos that cannot be found on any other platform on the internet. So far the enterprise has managed to create over 1,000 productions. Learn more:


The virtual reality content is shot in the studios of PodcastOne, and it mainly features the live shows or other events in a new way. One of the factors that have contributed to the growth of Podcastone is the quality of the shows the platform has for its listeners. Lear more:


PodcastOne is the brainchild of media personality Norman Pattiz. Before the entrepreneur founded the PodcastOne network, he was working on another project called Westwood One. Norman Pattiz has always had interests in the media industry. The businessman has a history in the public service having been appointed to the Federal Broadcasting Board of Governors during presidents Clinton and Bush’s tenure.


When Norman Pattiz left Westwood One, he started PodcastOne which has grown to become one of the leading podcast networks in the United States. The entrepreneur and his family live in Southern California even though his business is based in Beverly Hills.



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