David McDonald Steers OSI Group to Prominence

With a global network of partners, OSI Group is well positioned to provide quality food and meat products to foodservice and retail brands across the world. By combining its global operations with local management teams, OSI Group is very sensitive to the local cultures and tastes. It’s the power of global scale and efficiency that has scaled OSI Group globally.

Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Group is a premier global supplier of value-added protein items such as beef patties and sausages. Besides, the privately-held corporation also supplies pizza and sandwiches to leading retail brands and foodservice. Currently, OSI Group operates 50 facilities in 17 countries and employs its understanding of the Chinese culture and global efficiency to solidify its presence in the local Chinese market. OSI Group has been in the Chinese food and meat processing market for the past two decades, and its presence has expanded as the country’s economy grows. OSI Group runs eight facilities, and with two meat processing plants underway, it’s poised to be China’s largest poultry producer. Last September, David McDonald led OSI Group through an initiative aimed at opening a new mega-plant to expand its presence in Henan province. Later in the same month, McDonald announced that they would be partnering with DOYOO Group to create DaOSI, an integrated poultry operation in China.

OSI Group’s clients in China include Papa John’s McDonald’s, Yum, Subway, Starbucks, and Burger King. According to David McDonald, OSI Group has shifted its focus to the local Chinese market as it continues to be the world’s largest growing consumer market. While China has the power of population, its domestic market continues to increase more affluent. As OSI Group’s customers in the Chinese market continue to experience exponential growth, David McDonald wants to keep up with the pace.

Including its recent endeavors in China, OSI Group plans to launch seven new food processing plants across the world. In September, OSI Group opened a beef processing facility in Poland that is expected to bolster the staff of the existing facility by 30 percent. It intends to open a 600,000 metric tons modern feed mill in Shandong Province, which will make it one of the largest feed mills in China. David McDonald engages the company’s customers early enough to discuss their expectations or concepts they would want to pursue. OSI Group has a highly skilled workforce and technical resources that understand how to turn those ideas into actual products.

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