Looking For Some Morning Dose of Inspiration? Bridget Scarr Will Positively Empower You

Bridget Scarr is many things under one roof. She is a well renowned executive producer with significant experience in animation, advertising, and television production. Bridget is also a writer and her passion for production is impeccable. She strives to produce intriguing content that will make you glued to the television. She also deals with digital content, interactive exhibition and virtual reality.

She worked as a television producer for a long time before changing gears. Bridget opted to focus on her passion for development and creative content, and she developed her studio known as Colibri studio.

However, her journey has not been straightforward. She had her fair share of challenges that at some point overwhelmed her. Being the active person she is, she managed to fight through the obstacles and still emerge on top. Bridget started her first independent company and managed to run it for eight years. However, the financial storms she faced with the business led her to close down the company.

Seeing a company you have invested all your time, and hard work in it collapse is not easy for anyone and Bridget had to deal with a lot of public ridicule from the press and social media. Not only did she lose her company, various people who had supported her financially also lost their money. She was depressed for a year, but thankfully her family was there to help her. Slowly she managed to get back on her feet, and she is back to being the highly rated content producer.

Colibri studio has given Bridget the platform she needs to venture fully into her passion. She loves producing content that resonates both emotionally and mentally with large audiences. The augmented reality project allows her audience to relive history. She focuses on narrative stories that make the current audience understand how the people in the past used to live. This unique segment makes the current generation appreciate history and revolution.

Bridget has grown both spiritually and mentally over the years. The challenges and experiences she went through have done a lot to mold her into the person she is today. She emphasizes the importance of valuing and loving the people who love you and appreciate the people who had your back at your weakest moments.

Bridget Scarr is a good role model for anyone struggling to actualize their dreams. Continue pressing hard despite the challenges you encounter and never give up on your dreams. When you fall, get up, shake the dust off and move on.


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