From Baseball to Nutrition at ID Life: Logan Stout Stays Focused on Making Others Better

Logan Stout’s life journey illustrates his love for sports and healthy living as well as the passion for lifting others up. His desire to be a winner in all his endeavors showcased in his school days at J.J Pearce High School in Texas. His sporty character became evident when he played for the school’s basketball and baseball teams that earned him the title of the Most Valuable Player. He was also actively involved in the institute’s Student Athletic Council. His playing baseball continued beyond high school to Panola and the University of Dallas where he was studying business and psychology respectively.

Coaching and Mentoring

Logan Stout started playing baseball professionally after completing college. He played for the Fort Worth Cats and participated in numerous World Series competitions. His skills in the sport continued growing that he eventually became a coach. His coaching expertise came to play at Dallas Baptist University. Today, Logan shares his experience in the sport with young baseball enthusiasts with the aim of creating great players out of them. He understands the challenges that players face that include lack of proper training which explains why he founded Dallas Patriots. Logan drives his joy in providing the much-needed platform for them where they can learn the skills. His desire to help others goes beyond sports to business. His book, Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams is very instrumental in teaching on winning strategies in life.

Investing in the Wellness Sector

Logan Stout is cautious about healthy living as a ticket to overall success. He is also a skilled entrepreneur who decided to turn his passion for good nutrition to a thriving business enterprise. Three years ago, he started ID Life, a venture that focuses on healthcare products such as weight management skills and energy supplements.

About ID Life

ID Life is renowned health and wellness firm based in Frisco, Texas that is taking over the nutrition sector. The most remarkable aspect of ID Life is that individuals undergo a personal assessment to ensure that they get the most appropriate products for their health.

ID Life has attracted many investors drawn from the wellness and health experts and other fields. They include Jen Widerstrom, Chris Camillo, and Darwin Deason among others.

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