Meet the Brain behind Brazil’s Entertainment- Roberto Santiago

The best way to thank ourselves after a long week is by spending time with our families. This helps in strengthening the bond with our loved ones. Financial success with broken family is meaningless. Entrepreneurs are encouraged continuously to create time for their families.

58-year-old Roberto Santiago saw a problem in his society as he grew up. This was the lack of recreational facilities in the area. The residents had to travel to access the fun joints. Some of them, therefore, decided to ignore leisure time. This is why he decided to give his people a well-equipped recreational facility.

He began as an employee in Café Rosa. This is a home décor company. During his time in Cafe Rosa, he acquired numerous skills. He, therefore, decided to begin his cartonnage company. He manufactured cardboards using cartons. This was very fulfilling, and the company ended up one of the prestigious home décor companies. This was, however, supposed to be his gateway to success.

This is why by 1987, he bought the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. By 1989, the mall was complete. This has changed the entertainment sector of the occupants. They frequently flip in to watch the latest movies in 3D in the Domus Hall. The Domus Hall is on the rooftop of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall. It can hold a capacity of 14000 people. The auditory range and lighting system is extraordinary. The residents say that watching a movie here is like visiting the scene of the actor. You feel every emotion they feel.

The staff also invite celebrities once in a while. When this happens, the occupants are given a chance to nominate the celebrity who will visit. By being chosen by the majority, many people get to attend the show.

The Domus hall is not solely for entertainment. The residents are allowed to borrow it for personal events. Many graduations, wedding and other customized ceremonies have been held here.

During the 2015 financial crisis, both of Santiago enterprises remained untouched. This proved the strength of the investments in the economy. Many companies crushed but his businesses remained strong.

He built the other mall in 2013. The mall goes by the name Mangeira Mall. The mall is also well equipped. The two malls have entirely dominated the entertainment sector of the country. Roberto Santiago has promised to continue his venture in entertainment.

Roberto’s investment has awakened the social life of the Brazil people. For the people of Joao Pessoa, it’s more than entertainment; they enjoy good infrastructure and social amenities. There is also increased employment opportunities because of the investors that the malls have attracted.

Roberto Santiago is an important icon in the society. Other investors should aim at making a difference like him.



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