Frontera Supported DACA Program at Jeopardy

There are several GOP Members that have come up against the DACA program which has sent a lot of waves across the young immigrants group. DACA refers to deferred actions for childhood arrivals whose mandate is to ensure that child immigrants are taken care of. It is through this organization that these innocent children at matched to a social security number, and other prerequisites that prevent their deportation. As result of it the individuals are able to work in the US when they come of age. Unfortunately, a group has risen to fight the efforts of this organization and attempt to pull them back.

The advocates of DREAMERS have been sounding alarms to other supportive organizations of the threat that could be facing immigrant associations if this threat by the extremist group comes to fruition. The attorney general of Texas wrote to the current president requesting that the DACA program be abolished by September the 5th or attract legal measures from them. This program accords the minors an access to schools and institutions supported by the states. According to the complainants, the process should not happen abruptly but rather a gradual phase off with new applicants being rejected and no renewals of already existing applicants being accepted.

Nine attorney generals and one state governor of a red state signed these proposals. It is disturbing because John Kelly, the secretary of homeland expressed his worry on the program being at risk as when he held a closed door meeting with the Hispanic Caucus. This is to mean that there is a major risk of all the 800000 individuals being protected by the DACA program to be affected negatively if the president is to honor the request of the attorney general’s and governor. The expression that Kelly had is worrisome despite the efforts being made by dreamers to signal other organizations that could be interested in fighting for the rights of these immigrants.

One such group is the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund which has dedicated itself to providing guidance on this matter. The aim is to ensure that the program continues to be sustained seeing that it has been able to change the lives of many young people whose future would have otherwise been uncertain. In fact, interested stakeholder are looking for a way to make DACA a permanent solution which is why they are looking for a legislative option through a Dream Act. This would see that most of the children that benefit from this program continue to do so even when things are

Frontera Fund Is Fighting For The Hispanic Community

There was an event which took place in 2007. It led to the formation of the Frontera Fund in the United States. This event was with regard to the toughest Sheriff of the US, Joe Arpaio. He was known for putting away the bad guys. But all this changed when he arrested Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin.

They are journalists. Besides, they belong to the Hispanic community. They have been living in Arizona for a long time now. Both of them were arrested in October of that year. They were taken into custody from their homes in the middle of the night, for no fault of theirs. There were people in unmarked cars that came to arrest them in the night. Hence they called the police for help. They were informed that cops only had come to arrest them.

Both these journalists were kept in separate prisons. These were under the jurisdiction of Joe Arpaio. They were not told specifically about why they were being.

For the sheriff, this was not the first time for him to be doing such a deed. Even earlier, he had arrested as well as detained several people. Most of these had come from Latin America and some other countries.

Since Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin come from media backgrounds, the news of their arrest broke out very soon. This led to widespread agitation among all those who had Latin American heritage. Such kind of uproar led to serious repercussions for Joe Arpaio. Lacey and Larkin decided to sue the state. Hence Joe Arpaio was tried for wrongful detention as well as prosecution of individuals who had not committed anything wrong.

Even earlier, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin had been voicing their opinions against Arpaio. Now they were the target of the Sheriff. But the law was on their side now. They came out in the clear. All the blame was put on Arpaio now.

He was asked to settle with these two people whom he had wrongfully detained. He was asked to pay them a huge sum of money in the form of compensation. At this time, Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin realized that such a thing had happened many times before. Hence they decided to help people against such form of injustice. Therefore they decided to set up the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The aim of the fund was to provide immense help to those who belonged to the Hispanic community.

Another fact is that Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin have always believed in helping the less fortunate individuals in society. They found this as an excellent way to help people. These two wanted to safeguard people so that they would never have to go through such an ordeal.



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