American Institute Of Architects Creates Opportunities For Its Members

American Institute of Architects an expert organization in the United States has its head offices in Washington D.C. It came into existence in 1857, and the current CEO of the institution is Robert Ivy. Formed to enhance public image and architecture profession through education, government support, and community improvement, AIA collaborates with several bodies.

The establishment of the organization was an idea of 13 architects who identified lack of professionalism in the industry. They invited other 16 architects in the group and formed the American Institute of Architects. Before the organization formation, there were no training institutions nor licensing authorities for architects in the United States.

In 1857, March 10th members enrolled a constitution and regulations known as New York Society of Architects, which later transformed to American Institute of Architects. The new law was signed by members on 15th April 1857 after the filing of the certificate of incorporation. After one year, the mission was altered to focus on the promotion of members’ practical occupation, scientific and artistic.

Currently, the American Institute of Architects has more than 90,000 licensed associated professionals and architects and over 250 chapters. Robert Ivy spearheads this energetic team in execution of their duties through professionalism and commitment to deliver highest architectural standards. The board of directors managed organization has more than 200 full-time staff. Through their joined efforts, AIA members play a role in the state decision making of any verdict affecting their practice. They are involved in the development of affordable housing for all Americans as well as protection of the national infrastructure.

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Members Support and Development

American Institute of Architects offers its members professional growth opportunities, contract materials relevant to design and construction industry. The organization focuses on individual benefits, resources for client orientation and expert and strategy information facilities for its members. Members are too encouraged to participate in regional and urban development programs to enable them to gain new ideas in the industry. The local AIA components support future professionals through registration of architect Exam, internship growth programs, and employment recommendations.

About Robert Ivy

The professional architect holds an architecture degree and masters from Sewanee University and Tulane respectively. The former McGraw Hill Construction vice president is the current vice president and chief executive officer of the American Institute of Architects. Having served as editorial director, Robert Ivy won the G.D Crain award in 2009 for his editorial excellence contribution in business media.

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