George Soros Donates Billions to Support Human Rights and Democracy

George Soros is a very remarkable human being. Soros started from humble beginnings. Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930. He was a child in Hungary during the Nazi occupation of that country in World War Two. In 1947, George moved to England and later attended the London School of Economics where he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. Later, Soros went on to earn a Master’s Degree in philosophy. George Soros began his career in financial industry┬áby working at various merchant banks in England and the United States. Today, Soros is one of the most successful businessman and investors in the world.

George Soros gained worldwide attention when he made $1 billion by shorting the British pound in 1992. Every since that famous short sale, Soros has been the subject of a great deal of conspiracy theorist’s rants. Especially, from right-wing conservatives. However, despite the unfounded attacks from his detractors, Soros remains one of then greatest philanthropists in the world.

Over the years, George Soros has developed a keen interest in both philanthropy and politics. In the early 2000’s, Soros become one of the top financial supporters of Democratic Party. His support of the party was so strong that he was quoted as saying that he would exchange his entire fortune in order to prevent George W. Bush from being re-elected to a second term as President of the United States. Soros did not spend his entire fortune in his opposition efforts against George W. Bush. But he did spend the unprecedented sum of $27 million supporting Bush’s opponents. This only served to fuel the fire of more partisan attacks by conservative pundits of every sort.

Despite his demonization by conservatives, George Soros still remains one of the world’s greatest philanthropists. Soros has always been a very generous financial supporter of various organizations that are dedicated to spreading democracy around the world. Soros recently announced that over the last couple of years he had donated about $18 billion to pro-democracy groups in countries around the world. The money was channeled to these various groups through grants from the Open Society Foundations, which Soros founded. It appears that Soros’s financial support of pro-democratic organizations will only increase in the future.

The reasons why George Soros has become the boogy-man of the conservative movement and the opposition party are complex. Because he is rich, he is seen as one of the “elites” and is distrusted by some. He is also Jewish, and he is subjected to a great deal of anti-Semitic abuse. Other bizarre conspiracy theories claim that Soros’s international philanthropy is just a cover up for George’s plot to rule the world through some kind of global domination scheme.

Despite all of the baseless and bizzare attacks, George Soros continues to do the right thing with his philanthropy. Over the last thirty years, it is estimated that Soros has given away around $14 billion. The money was mostly given to human rights organizations and pro-democracy groups by the Open Society Foundations.

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