SahmAdrangi has Helped Many People Grow Their Nest Egg

SahmAdrangi has had a long career as an investor. He’s now the CEO of Kerrisdale Capital, but he had a lucrative career in finance before he founded the company. He worked for Longacre Fund Management and Chanin Capital Partners. Both companies were pleased with his work.

While Kerrisdale Capital is now known as one of the world’s best investment firms, it began as a relatively small company. In fact, he started the company with one million dollars in capital. This is less than one percent of the company’s current size. The current assets of Kerrisdale Capital add up to more than 150 million dollars!

Who Are The Clients Of Kerrisdale Capital?

While many of them are individuals, the company also offers services to business owners. Many of their clients are retired and living on a fixed income. However, some of their services are popular among younger investors.

What Types Of Investments Can You Make Through The Company?

You can invest in almost any stock or bond. It’s also possible to invest in hedge funds and alternative investments. SahmAdrangi is particularly skilled at helping clients choose hedge funds.

SahmAdrangi’s Research:

SahmAdrangi is the author of many well-known papers. These papers discuss many topics that are important for investors. However, a lot of his work focuses on hedge funds and short selling.

It is easy to find his writing. In fact, you can read it for free online. While you can find it on his website, it’s also available on social media sites.

He Has Protected People From Fradulent Corporations:

SahmAdrangi gave warnings to the public about multiple corporations that were engaged in fraudulent activity. Not only did this warn many members of the public, but the Securities and Exchange Commission investigated these organizations. The SEC quickly put an end to the illegal activity.


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