Month: February 2018

Tony Petrello Leads Nabors Industries To Helping Hurricane Harvey Survivors

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There are a lot of companies getting involved with their communities. Some of these companies are getting involved in different ways like being more eco-friendly or by improving diversity within their businesses. The reason companies are becoming more involved with their communities is to become better corporate citizens. It is becoming obvious that this is…

Rocketship Education Schooling Curriculum Options

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Charter schools are a great way to get your children the education that they deserve without having to spend a small fortune to send them to a private school. Private schools are incredibly expensive for the majority of parents, and they can be even worse for parents who are low income or are living in…

George Soros And His Passion For Philanthropy

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George Soros has funded Open Society Foundations with up to $18 billion. This is the largest sum George has ever done in a single donation. George Soros is passionate in philanthropy and so far, he has given over $32 billion. This is not enough for him because George aims at doing as much as possible….

Roberto Santiago Easy Shop

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Every year people flood Brazil for many different reasons. One of the reasons people flood Brazil is their premium malls. One of the most popular malls in the state of Paraiba is the Manaira Shopping Mall. Roberto Santiago is the proud owner of Manaira Shopping. The mall had its grand opening 1989. Santiago’s mall has…

Aloha Construction Company Review

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If you are seeking a quality construction service then look no further than Aloha Construction. The family owned company provides high quality services and gets them done in a timely fashion. Aloha Construction is one of the most highly rated companies in the midwest. They have two locations in Illinois including Lake Zurich as well…


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