George Soros And His Passion For Philanthropy

George Soros has funded Open Society Foundations with up to $18 billion. This is the largest sum George has ever done in a single donation. George Soros is passionate in philanthropy and so far, he has given over $32 billion. This is not enough for him because George aims at doing as much as possible. He has also started Central European University in Budapest. It is an institution for social sciences and George is the primary sponsor.

George’s capability of philanthropy is enabled by his success in business. He has acquired financial independence through investments and entrepreneurship. It is how he was able to start the Open Society Foundations. It stands for justice equality, government accountability and freedom of expression. Apart from advocating for these entitlements, the foundations located bright and needy students and pay for their fees in the universities.

Thus far, Open Society is supporting thousands of students who have shown potential. Some were almost dropping out of school but the foundation came to their rescue. Many students have successfully completed education and they are now living a good life. Others are continuing without any worry that their education will be cut short.

When George decided to launch Open Society Foundations, he was inspired by the minority groups facing discrimination in the society. The foundation stands with people such as drug users, LGBTI, sex workers and other people the society disregards. Their environment may view these people as outcasts but the foundation perceives them as people needing help. Open Society Foundation is not just a single entity. It is a network of several organizations in more than one hundred countries. Numerous projects are going on and partners still continue to work with the foundation.

George Soros’ attention for such people was derived from his background experience. George understands what it means to be in an intolerable society. George’s origin is Hungary, where he was born during the Nazi era. It was a difficult time for Hungarian because over five hundred Jews lost their lives. George and his family were able to escape death because they disguised their identity and also helped others to do so.

Living in this tough era required resilience and fighting hard to survive. Eventually, George and his family were able to move to London. The relocation was a turning point for George because that is when his life was transformed. He got two jobs and enrolled in London School of Economics. The two jobs helped him to pay for school. He completed school and moved to the USA. George’s education empowered him to work in finance and investment.

George worked hard and in 1970 established a hedge fund called Soros Fund Management. George worked well in his firm and it is one of the places he created wealth. He is recognized among the most successful investors in the country’s history. George began philanthropy in 1979 and he is still determined to go on and impact people worldwide. He is particularly interested to help people from his home country.

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