Tony Petrello Leads Nabors Industries To Helping Hurricane Harvey Survivors

There are a lot of companies getting involved with their communities. Some of these companies are getting involved in different ways like being more eco-friendly or by improving diversity within their businesses. The reason companies are becoming more involved with their communities is to become better corporate citizens. It is becoming obvious that this is what customers look for. It seems that customers want to feel like they are doing business and investing in a company that holds similar values to them. The steps being taken in the business world are definitely changing things and is showing the heart behind companies in various ways like with the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. The tragedy revealed that some people have kind hearts, like the people behind Nabors Industries.

Nabors Industries is one of the leading drilling companies in Houston. It has found success in this region and built great business relationships, but the company has taken a few steps beyond that. The company has, long before it was hip to be a good corporate citizen, taken steps to help employees and its communities. To the employees, the company has provided health centers and an entire BBQ pit for employees to share meals with each other. The company has made sure to make employees feel part of a family. These steps have also been employed within the communities that surrounds Nabors Industries. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Tony Petrello, is one of the reasons why this company has built such a strong connection with employees and communities.

Tony Petrello has made sure that the company participates in community efforts, projects, and other neighborhood-forward plans. It made sense that the company stepped it up a notch when Houston and all of Texas needed help more than ever before after Hurricane Harvey. Homes and streets were under water for a long time due to the hurricane. It made good Americans homeless, and left many families hungry and cold. Many Texans got together to help each other, including Nabors Industries. The company offered their large kitchen to the people and ensured that three hot meals were cooked for those who were able to make it to their kitchen.

The company’s CEO also made sure to offer employees paid leave so that they could freely volunteer wherever their help was required. Some employees stayed to feed those who needed food while others went to the Gulf Coast to offer their expertise. Others just tended to their families and friends who were dealing with their own personal issues. There was no doubt that this company showed its true colors with the help of employees, which is something Tony Petrello is happy to admit.

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