Ricardo Tosto: One Of The Best Commercial Litigators In Brazil

Ricardo Tosto’s Talk about Law

The law 13,254 is a law in Brazil that allows technical exchange between lawyers in Brazil and those from other countries. According to Ricardo Tosto who is the founding partner of Leite, Tosto, and Barros, the partnership between local and foreign lawyers in a positive thing, that will help broaden the knowledge scope for Expert Brazilian lawyers. Some lawyers like Gil Vincente Gama have come out to agree with Tosto and point out that such a partnership can help open opportunities on both sides. However, the implementation of repatriation project was not easy as some would think. It underwent a series of processes before it finally got Congress approval. The income tax rate in the project at first stood at 17.5% and a fine still at the same rate.

However, the tax rates were high, and it needed some minor changes. Therefore, the income tax rate dropped to 15%, and the fine also stood at 15%. Ricardo Tosto is happy about this project implementation into law. He insists that there is a need for partnership between lawyers locally and internationally to create laws that coincide. It would also help greatly in apprehending individuals who hide their wealth abroad to evade taxation. According to the laws of Brazil, keeping your wealth hidden without the knowledge of Brazilian Tax authorities is a crime punishable by law and repatriation of resources can help solve the issue.

About Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto is a Brazilian lawyer who specializes in bankruptcy, credit recovery, administrative law, civil law, election law, and commercial law. He is a graduate of Law from the University of Presbyterian Mackenzie. Before starting his law practice, he worked as an advisor in legal matters and the human Resource department Grupo Rede. His passion for the law makes him good at what he does. He has received several recognitions and has been nominated as one of the best lawyers in Brazil when it comes to commercial litigation. Brazilian Legal Publication and Legal 500 also recognized his practice. It has taken hard work, commitment, integrity, and discipline for Ricardo Tosto to be the lawyer that he is today.

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