Taking a Look at Some of Lime Crime’s Biggest Products

There are many new makeup trends that are growing in popularity this season, and picture-perfect Instagram and YouTube content creators have had a lot of say so in the beauty community. Even if you are not a content creator, inspiration all things beauty can be found just about anywhere.

Lime Crime cosmetics is a cruelty free makeup franchise offering everything you need to turn your look from dull to fabulous. From highlighters, to lipstick, to the perfect eyeliner, Lime Crime products are a great fit for the job.

Typically when using a highlighter, one should focus on the high points of the face; the forehead, the tip of your nose, the top of your cheeks, your cupid’s bow, and underneath the brow bone. The product adds a sparkling sheen to the skin, giving the consumer a radiant glow! Highlighters are not exclusive to any part of the face or the body. One can apply the product down from the face onto the neck and chest as well!

There are a multitude of different lipstick solutions out there. There’s the creamy finish, satin finish, matte finish, frost, you name it. With so many options, growing indecisive of which to wear is not a foreign concept. Most opt to the closest matte nude color to compliment their skin tone. Lime Crime offers a beautiful liquid matte lipstick called Apricot Nude. Though as mentioned it can be quite hard to nail your perfect nude shade, this lipstick is reviewed to be highly versatile. Wearing this matte nude lipstick color will allow your eye makeup and eyebrows to pop ensuring the focus to be on the boldness of your makeup look.

Things can get a little messy with nailing the perfect eyeliner whether you are going for a thick bold wing, or a more thin classic application. Once your eyeliner is perfected, it brings any makeup look to life. To ensure a clean line, it is highly recommended to go for eyeliner pens with a thin tip. This dissipates potential mess, and allows you to build up how thick you would like your eyeliner to be.


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