Tony Petrello- Turning dreams into realities

Tony Petrello is one of the people who is doing a commendable job of maintaining the United States as a top economic innovations hub. With the leadership which he has displayed working for Nabors Industries, an oil and gas drilling company known as Nabors Industries, he has proven that American companies still have the top position in the global space. Nabors Industries was in the last two decades just a normal drilling company, but with the entry of Petrello in the management of the company, everything changed. He has been doing everything possible to ensure that the company records the biggest returns every year.

Nabors Industries is currently the top company in the world, and it is still in the process of growing drilling operations further. One of the best things that he has been doing is to facilitate the company to acquire other companies which can contribute to the growth of the company. He has also been entering into agreements with other companies for combined efforts in growing the operations. Overall, his performance in two decades is remarkable. He has done what others would never manage to do in their lifetime career. The best thing is that he has accomplished all this without training in business management. He has never stepped foot in a business class, but he has managed to beat the well-educated business managers. Tony Petrello is educated but he attended holds a mathematics degree and another law degree from Harvard School of Law.

The fact that he has never stepped into a class for business studies has not stopped him from accomplishing success. He demonstrates that even without the skills and experience you can still make it in business as long as you have the drive and the commitment to accomplish what you have. Tony Petrello is not even an expert in the drilling industry, but still, he has managed the company in the right manner.

Tony Petrello is an inspiration to many young people that they can do it without looking at their background. Passion and hard work will take them places. His dreams have turned into reality by following the right channels in order to make it in life.

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