Flavio Maluf’s Report Concerning the Economy of Brazil

According to the information found on the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Static that talk about the economy of Brazil, there is the growth of the economy in the quarter of the year 2018. The growth increased by 0.4% as compared to the quarter of the year 2017. When you compare the first quarter of 2017 to that of this year, you will realize that there is an increase of 1.2%. It is agriculture that draws these numbers. Nevertheless, if you manage to analyze this sector without including others, you will realize that at the start of this year things were not good like they were at the start of the earlier year, 2018. Read more about Flavio at

The person who emphasizes a lot on the subject is Flavio Maluf who serves as an executive as well as the president of the firms Eucatex, the impresario. Folha de S.Paulo said on the press that from January to March the Gross Domestic Product of livestock and also agriculture went down by 2.6%. On the report of Flavio Maluf, in May there was a strike that was formed by the truck drivers which was so intense such that it lasted from around ten days, this strike affected the sector of agriculture terribly.

Some of the plants that are grown in Center-South that are usually harvested in April, grew at a slow rate and their production even stopped during the period. According to the report given by Folha, 19% of sugarcane starts to be harvested from April to June, in that period the share of the maize is able to reach 33%. Lack of product circulation had an enormous impact on the production of feeds and as well, the producers and trading, this resulted to the disruption of the protein production. The strike of the drivers of the trucks made the circulation of corn to stop.

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