Surf Air Joins Hands With Two Luxury Travel Companies

Surf Air, a private air travel club founded in 2013, recently celebrated its fifth birthday. As of roughly one month ago – on July 10, 2018 – Surf Air announced that its members would receive valuable benefits in commemoration of its wooden anniversary.

In July, Surf Air started a partnership with All Roads North, a luxury road travel company with a business model similar to Surf Air – the primary difference is that All Roads North travels on the ground, whereas Surf Air doesn’t.

Surf Air Experiences, a new offshoot of Surf Air, now offers luxury road trips that are coordinated with customers’ needs.

Further, Surf Air has also hopped on board with The Private Suite LAX, a terminal at Los Angeles’ Los Angeles International Airport – better known as LAX – that cuts out lines, screaming kids, countless sick people, and other commonalities that commercial flying brings along with it.

What is Surf Air, and what makes it special?

Tens of thousands of people fly each and every day throughout the United States – many more fly all over planet Earth. Everybody who’s ever flown commercially knows the pains of waiting, waiting, and waiting some more; being cramped in tiny seats with dozens of other people – no telling how many of them are sick; standing in line to have TSA agents frisk you like you’re a prisoner – the list of bad things related to flying commercially goes on, and on, and on.

Surf Air is a private flying club that cuts out all the inconveniences of flying commercially. Memberships start at $1,950 per month. While Surf Air is more expensive than flying commercially, the club saves up to two hours per flight. Surf Air operates throughout California, Texas, and Europe.

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