OSI Group: The Mastering Of Meat

Growth is the only thing OSI Group has been experiencing since the start of the millennium. The food production company is ran under the leadership of David McDonald. He has spent three decades at this company that has learned the mastering of meat. The food industry is no stranger to this company. The company has grown from its small neighborhood roots in an immigrant community in Chicago, Illinois to being a primary supplier of meats and non meat food products to many companies. The company has conquered much and runs operations globally to facilitate the needs of the growing demands of their suppliers.

David McDonald landed his first job straight out of college at OSI Group. He started as a project manager and today is the chief operating officer for the meat company. He attended Iowa State University in his home state of Iowa. His animal science degree led to his understanding and knowledge of meat processing. He runs one of the most successful privately owned food companies in the world. The company rakes in billons annually and they show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The global enterprise of this company is backed by undeniable truths. Diversified operations and cutting edge technology keeps this company ahead of the competition. Twenty thousand people work for this company daily in seventeen countries spanning across the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe.

It was McDonald’s that give this small midwestern company its first big break. This company commercialized the rolling hills of midwestern America a century ago. The taste and quality of meats, especially the hamburger patty, led this company to securing a partnership with McDonald’s. OSI Group became the leading partner and supplier of meats for then the up and coming burger chain. Together, McDonald’s and OSI Group have grown up together and are recognizable names in the food sector.

One may wonder what is left for this major enterprise to conquer. David McDonald is leading his company to exploring and conquering more of the food industry. They have plans or purchasing other brands and grocery stores that would allow them to tap into new markets. They are planning to build and open more factories. They are working to be environmentally responsible for their operations. OSI Group has a goal to be one of the first and best food companies to be sustainable in its operations.


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