Sheldon Lavin Given the Global Visionary Award

Sheldon Lavin, who is the chief executive officer of OSI Group, has been very busy helping OSI to expand internationally. After the company purchased companies like Flagship Europe and Baho Food, Lavin is hoping to take modern food processing to nations all over the world. He joined the meat industry more than four decades ago after a successful career in the sector of banking and owning a consultant firm. Sheldon Lavin became the chief executive and chairman of OSI and has since transformed the company into an international food products supplier.

OSI group has around 20,000 personnel internationally. Lavin brags of the small employee turnover, which he’s attributing to the culture that is family oriented at the organization that ensures longevity. He joined the meat industry in the year 1970 after organizing financing for a company called Otto & Sons (previous name for OSI Industries). In 1975, Sheldon Lavin got more involved when Otto & Sons started to look for investments abroad.

He was then appointed as a partner plus the 2 sons after their father had to retire. Afterward, Lavin accepted to join the company on a full-time basis because he was really impressed with the culture and business strategies that the corporation employed. In the twilight of Lavin’s career, he guided OSI towards embracing new technologies and strategies to decrease the environmental footprint and increase the efficiency of the firm’s operations. Sustainability became one of the main focus through which the management of OSI Group makes operational decisions.

The company is always developing and adopting new techniques and strategies as it faces the global need for more environmentally friendly and sustainable food production. As a result, this has led to Lavin and OSI being given several prestigious sustainability awards. ON Feb 20, 2016, India’s Vision World Academy awarded Sheldon Lavin the Global Visionary Award in a ceremony that took place in India. The award acknowledges visionaries in various sectors that have fulfilled their dreams through perseverance and persistence.

Lavin received the award during the 5th time the Academy was honoring exceptional visionaries. OSI Group has also won other vital awards, which include British Safety Council’s Globe of Honour Award award, which recognized companies that developed creative methods of minimizing environmental pollution. Additionally, OSI Group was ranked the sixty-sixth company in the market for food and beverage and Forbes named it the world’s leading firm. All these awards became possible due to the impeccable administration Sheldon Lavin.


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