Waiakea Water Better Than Poland Spring

Online, there are plenty of rotten reviews about Poland Spring when it comes to their packaging. Within the past ten years, they have made their bottles flimsier, with the plastic feeling thinner and cracklier. Before, the bottles used to be more stiff and solid-feeling. Throughout the years, some people have complained that their water tastes like plastic. What many people say seems to correspond with the time period when Poland Spring changed their bottles to be thinner.

Waiakea water is different. It is not bottled in a bunch of flimsy plastic bottles. The contents of the packaging are not leaching into the water. The bottles that Waiakea water comes in don’t leach into the water. In fact, they are okay for the environment. The packages have been built with the earth in mind because plastic and other materials add litter to the planet and pollute things.

When you look at where Poland Spring gets their water, you will see that they get their water from various locations. There are so many locations that it almost seems kind of shady. However, Waiakea Water gets its water from one definite location—the base of Mona Lua.

Also, no one seems to know what the pH of Poland Spring is. The pH is not listed on bottles, at all. However, Waiakea Water discloses the pH of their water. It is quite evident that the other brands of water probably don’t disclose pH because a lot of them are probably acidic. On the other hand, Waiakea Water is alkaline. A higher pH means that the water is better for the human body. Anything lower than a pH of 7 is acidic, and should be unfit for human consumption—at least figuratively speaking. Of course, some parts of the human body have to be acidic. The stomach is one of those places. However, most body needs to be more or less alkaline.


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