Mr. Shiraz Boghani Dynamic Venture

Mr. Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya. He then moved to the United Kingdom in 1969. On arrival in the United Kingdom, he trained to be an accountant in London. He is the founder and the Chief Executive Officer of The Splendid Hospitality Group. Under the management of building hotel industry, the Splendid Group has produced the top services in the hotel and other related services. Shiraz always services, designs, operates, renovates and makes many comfortable hotels that he manages all over England. Splendid Groups operates in the United Kingdom and owns more than 20 operating hotels. Shiraz has proven to be one of the best entrepreneurs who used the opportunity and ventured into the hotelier industries in London, England. He has excellently performed his duties in the hotelier industries which has made him recognized as the best Hotelier of the Year in 2016 and was awarded by the Asian Business Awards. For latest updates connect with Shiraz Boghani on Twitter.

One of the best achievement he has is the development of The Hilton London Bankside Hotel at the cost of more $120 million. Other achievements of Shiraz includes The Conrad London St. James, The Grand Hotel and Spa, and The York and Holiday in London.

Mr. Shiraz is a great business entrepreneur is among the partners who founded the Sojourn Hotels. Sojourn hotels are found across the United Kingdom and have great relaxation amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, bars, boutique, middle levels, and restaurants. Furthermore, Shiraz Boghani has gained a lot of fame as a good-hearted Philanthropist. He has been supporting a charity based United Kingdom Foundation. He is also a continuous contributor to the Aga Khan Development Network which operates Worldwide.


Moreover, Shiraz Boghani has been utilizing every opportunity that comes underway. He is one of the founders of the Sussex Health Care, which offers residential for senior citizens and people living with neurological difficulties. Sussex is the most famous elderly care in the United Kingdom. Shiraz Boghani with other founders has helped to grow Sussex healthcare whereby they have led to the establishment of the new gym in the West Sussex. The new gym welcomes the care homes inhabitants and any member of the community who is physically disadvantaged to take advantage of their highly trained members.

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